VPI new Super Feet for Scout/Scoutmaster/Aries

VPI just released these replacement feet for Scout/Scoutmaster/Aries. Cost are $300 for a set, reasonable for Scoutmaster and above model. Has anyone tried them and how do they compare to something like Ginko platform or other isolation feet?

Personal opinion, I think they look very ugly on the Scout/Aries.
They are stock on my TNT6. They are very easy to level, and well constructed. I believe they are using the same balls as the Gingko, and I believe I heard somewhere that they worked with VPI on tioushe design. (Ginkgo has been selling dustcovers for various VPIs for years)
Can't say much about about A/B vs older feet, but I'm happy w/them. Cheers,
Gingko looks good and works good. Super Feet could maybe be a little more attractive. And that Gingko cover pushes down on my lemo wire. I'm trying to figure out a way to have it sit up another half inch. My 2 cents.
Hmmm...I wonder if they would fit on my P25?
Hi Semi,

I have a VPI Scout I just upgraded with the Super Feet. I have not heard my system using the Gingko Cloud Shelf so I am not able to speak to that.

I can tell you I noticed an immediate improvement between the stock feet and the Super Feet. A quieter background, tigher bass with a wider more detailed sound stage.

One problem I did run into when I installed the Super Feet was that the foot print is wider. I was using the Target wall mounted shelf with the 14 X 18 ½ shelf. This turned out to be ½ inch too narrow. Fortunately I had the Target Pro Shelf in the closet which is larger.
I installed the new shelf....End of problem.

Just one more tweak on the road to improvement!

Regards, Bob

I bought them but they do not fit my Aries Extended TT. I was told they would send an adapter but I am still waiting. I have taken off the cones and have placed the Super Feet where the cones were. Works for now but I am sure I am not alone in needing adapters.
can someone post some pictures of your VPI with Super Feet? the small picture on VPI web site does not give me the "big picture", I want to see the overall look from further away. I thought the feet gave Scout/Scoutmaster a sense of small table supported by tall feet. in another word, not proportional and very ugly.

I hope someone will compare them to BDR kits which are about the same price.

Paste this link into your browser. This is not my table but it comes from a posting in a similar discussion on Audioasylum. I have the feet on my Aries 1 and I find it to be a worthwhile upgrade. Also, the table is much easier to level with the new feet than it was with the older cones.
Hard to believe from the pics that they use the ginko ball. Is there any movement of the table using the feet? up/down or side to side at all? I wouldn't think so with the ball bearings on the bottom. There's not enough info if they are using a ball. It would be nice if they are as effective as the ginko platform.. a really good isolation IMO for this table. Plus it would isolate the motor better.
Is anyone using them with another isolation platform or Ginko? Would like to hear their impressions too.
Thanks for the link.

I think I will pass on this tweak. My SSM will sit on GP Monaco which is a very effective isolation rack and I really don't care for the look either. I will rather buy a Ginko platform or something else and not ruin the clean look of SSM.
My new SSM looks and works great with the Gingko variation platforms. I am using a regular cloud 11 for the table and a mini cloud for the motor. This is a great combination for both looks and isolation. I also have a table top dust cover version for this table that was purchased before pick-up the variation platforms but it doesn't work any more due to interference of the cables in back as the table is sitting nearly 2 inches higher than it was. This can problem can be eliminated if you plan a head of time before buying a dust cover. I will send Gingko an email to let them know that this is what I am experiencing so that they can correct the problem for future users.
I have been using a Neauance platform under my Basis with very good results. I am awaiting a Scoutmaster (from Gina as a matter of fact) and will report bach soon.
Vinh Vu of Gingko Audio here.
For people with our table top dust cover and Cloud platform, we make matching beveled edge on the platform and cover such that the cover sits on the edges of the platform as opposed to on the shelf thus it will not interfere with the lemo wire. Looks better too.
Send me an email if you have issues and we will help you resolve it.
Vinh Vu
I asked the question of Gingko, who said that the new feet incorporates the balls of Gingko, and its like using their unit.
I just received the new mini feet. I've been using the Gingko Cloud 11. My hope was that the feet could replace the Gingko. Not even close.. the Gingko is much better. The feet are an improvement over the stock cones, but anyone hoping they are equal or better for isolation will be disappointed. They are, however, an improvement when used with the Gingko over the cones in the ways advertised. I spent qll day yesterday going back and forth trying to decide if it was worth it. The bass is slightly deeper,better impact, and the imaging cleaner as has been mentioned. I'm leaning towards keeping them but the advantage is subtle
I have a SuperScoutMaster player and have been using a Cloud 11 under it for almost 18 months on the top of a Polycrystal rack. The opportunity came up to get a pair of the new feet from VPI and I got a set and put them on the system. I have to say that the impact was NOT subtle at all - better focus, image stability, tighter bass, and improved microdynamics were all improved. This is with a Benz Silver Ref2 Cartridge and using the VPI outer ring clamp and the HRS ADL center weight in a very revealing system. For my money- this was an upgrade that was well worth the cost in terms of sonic benefits.
One thing I should have mentioned. I made a separate platform for my motor/flywheel that floats above the Cloud 11. The Cloud 11 moves freely underneath the motor and the table is completely isolated from the motor. The feet would most likely have a greater impact if the motor was also on the Gingko platform, helping to isolate motor vibrations from the table.
Though it is a subtle improvement given my setup, I'm actually surprised it's even that much.
Jwpstayman, are you still using a mat on your table? That may play into the equation too.
Jamn - I have used the Herbies Audio "Way Excellent turntable Mat" in the past, but it makes centering the VPI outer ring clamp a PIA, so I stopped using the mat. I have an oversized Cloud 11 (with 6 balls) and isolate the HRX Motor assemble even further by using DH (Lab) Squares underneath it. This also helps by raising up the motor assembly higher which means the belt is more towards the upper middle of the platter than the lower portion of the platter ( at least on mine). Keep in mind that the SuperScoutMaster I have was a VERY early version, so the (belt) height issue I am talking about might not be true for newer versions. Maybe the reason I felt the new feet made such a big difference has something to do with the stock cone feet on MY particular unit ??
Don't really know.. I'm guessing still the motors. You have 2 on that one, plus the flywheel. Have you tried taking the DH Squares out now that you have the feet? Not that you'd leave it that way, but would reveal how much isolation can be attributed to the squares and feet.
I have a Scoutmaster, with the Sig arm, the SDS, ring and weight, and the motor/flywheel combo.
Anyway, I agree that it is a worthwhile upgrade. Guess that's all that matters, but it's fun to dissect these tweaks and determine why they work.