VPI Nameplate

Hi all,
Wondered how I go about getting a name plate(+ the silver screws) for a HW-19. VPI doesnt stock this. Any ideas appreciated and bear in mind, I'm in Australia
So you will want it printed upside down? Seriously, I am a VPI dealer and I would say your best bet was to get a photo and have one made locally. It VPI doesn't have any I don't know where you would find one.
See if you can get it made at a throphy shop.
I think I may have misrepresented my need here. I'm looking for the acrylic triangulated cover with the VPI insignia that sits over the motor assembly via 3 silver screws.
I would try to get one fabricated at a shop that works with acrylic. Or wood or metal. As I said it would be almost impossible to find an original VPI so I would have one made. It's composition does not matter as well as I can remember and a slight variation in shape shouldn't matter as long as the mounting holes match up.
Think about this carefully. There's a reason why VPI no longer puts covers on their turntable motors. Check out the new classic, for instance, the modern-day "replacement" for the HW-19.

Pierre Sprey (Mapleshade) visited me one evening and was appalled that I was using the motor cover that came with my VPI TNT Mk. II. He demonstrated just how much it was muddying the sound by removing it and then replacing it. Said that the same thing applied to the HW-19 (I had a Mk. III earlier). I believe he called these motor covers "resonance sinks," but whatever you call them they do a number on the sonics if your system is resolving enough. Dave
Dopogue that is an important consideration that I hadn't factored. That may change my view. Many thanks
a cover made of wood might not exhibit the resonance issues of acrylic? You could even match the base color.