VPI motor popping noise upon startup/shut off

Hi All;
Has any one successfully filtered out, or stopped the popping sound commong from the VPI Aries Scout stand alone motor which occurs during start up and is louder during shut off of the motor? This noise is audible through the speakers.

The table is grounded to the Art Audio Vinyl One phono stage, and like all the front end gear, the power cords our shielded and have Hospital grade connectors. Also, all the front end gear is going into a Monster 3600 MKII power center, which is going into an APC Battery Back UP. This double filtering works great with the sound, and protects against our numerous lightning disruptions and brown-outs.

Perhaps there is a single recepticle power filter.

Thanks for looking
check out this thread: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?htech&1286763065. Exact same problem. I believe there was a way to fix this in there if I remember correctly. Good luck.
The popping sound is comming through the Velodybe DEQ 12R subwoofer, which has a shielded power cord. The sub does not have a third prong. It shares the home theater power outlets. The sub interconnects are currently connected from the Audio research LS2B MKII line stage preamp. There is no popping comming through the 2 channel dedicated audio system.
I've done the fix. Call Harry Weisberg at VPI and he'll guide you through it. You need to go to Radio Shack and get a different capacitor (.06 vs. what's in there--the exact value I don't remember). It requires you to take off the long plate underneath the chassis and remove one capacitor while installing the other. No tools required--10 min. max to do the job. It was quite easy and there's NO pop anymore--dead quiet. It will cost you less than $2.00 and a trip to RS.
A quick fix might be to have the volume all the way down at motor start-up and stop.
Like Dorkwad said. I have done the fix as well. It involves replacing the capacitor in the motor housing. I just bought a bunch in the range near what VPI recommended and picked one by trial and error. I believe there was a thread here or at the asylum about this, but it was a few years ago.
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No, perfectly silent. I do get the popping SOMETIMES when I turn the TT off at the motor switch even though the motor is running through the SDS. Not always tho.
Dorkwad (what a name - lol), did you get a better quality capacitor of the same size (uF) or did you replace it with a large / stronger capacitor?
I had a similar problem with motor on my Scoutmaster running through a Sutherland Ph3d (battery powered). I changed out the Sutherland for a Dynavector P75, and no more pops.
It's been about 2 years now. I'd tell you the exact one if I could--but that short term memory thing is holding me back. It wasn't a better capacitor, just one of a different value than their standard issue. Call Harry at VPI--he'll tell you the one and talk you through any insecurities you might have. I hate electrical stuff and this was really easy. It's definitely worth the time and small trouble. Bob
I used to get a slight pop with powering on and off my VPI Classic and interestingly enough, an even louder (much louder) pop with turning on the turntable switch-but not the vacuum switch) on my VPI 16.5 RCM. I eliminated both inadvertenly by replacing my power cords on all my equipment. My old power cords were all inexpensive LAT cords and I seem to recall that several years ago I went about lifting the grounding cord on two or three of them, so the grounding may be a big part of the benefit that I obtained when I replaced the cords. My new cords are even less expesive-DIY made from Supra LoRad wire obtained from Madisounds. For those of you who don't know, the Supra Lo-Rad is very good Swedish made cable specifically made for AC power cords and is extremely well shielded by an aluminum wrap. So, I don't know if the VPI gear emits significant RFI/EMI that causes the pops, or if the grounding eliminates some form of electrical line induced noise, but I can say that the problem can be eliminated without changing out capacitors.
Could you tell me what values of capacitors are used in the Scoutmaster motor?