VPI Motor / Changing Capacitor is there a right

On the VPI motor that drives the table is there a right or wrong way of changing the capacitor? They sent me a larger capacitor because of the SDS my table would not start running by itself, it needed a little help to get going.
I put the capacitor in the same way as I took the original out.
The table now starts turning without help but I now have a "clicking" type noise coming from the motor. Last night as I went to change a LP I heard this noise while I was standing over the unit. I have removed the motor from the housing and I know that is where it is coming from.
It seems that if I push on the motor shaft one way or the other I can sometimes eliminate this noise, but it does come back within minutes.
I assume there is a bearing of sorts for this shaft on the motor, could it possibly be a bad bearing? This unit is less then 2 months old.
I am going to put the original capacitor back in to see if by chance it is the capacitor making this noise.
Of course I have no idea if a capacitor could make noise or not.
It sounds like there is something hitting soemthing else that turns. Does it click 33.333 times per minute? I would look for something that you might have touched / bent while changing the capacitor. Perhaps a lead that got pushed out of place? Did you clip any leads, the end of which might have gone someplace it shouldn't have?
Good Luck
I once had similar clicking sounds coming from the pulley hitting the top of the motor housing. The set screw was loose, and the pulley slid down the motor shaft until it would hit the housing once per revolution. After I figured out where the sound was coming from, I just slid the pulley back up the shaft and tightened the set screw.
Also, make sure that the motor is not too far from the platter. I had some problems with the tension in the belt pulling too hard on the axle and causing a click.