VPI Motor / Changing Capacitor is there a right

On the VPI motor that drives the table is there a right or wrong way of changing the capacitor? They sent me a larger capacitor because of the SDS my table would not start running by itself, it needed a little help to get going.
I put the capacitor in the same way as I took the original out.
The table now starts turning without help but I now have a "clicking" type noise coming from the motor. Last night as I went to change a LP I heard this noise while I was standing over the unit. I have removed the motor from the housing and I know that is where it is coming from.
It seems that if I push on the motor shaft one way or the other I can sometimes eliminate this noise, but it does come back within minutes.
I assume there is a bearing of sorts for this shaft on the motor, could it possibly be a bad bearing? This unit is less then 2 months old.
I am going to put the original capacitor back in to see if by chance it is the capacitor making this noise.
Of course I have no idea if a capacitor could make noise or not.

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It sounds like there is something hitting soemthing else that turns. Does it click 33.333 times per minute? I would look for something that you might have touched / bent while changing the capacitor. Perhaps a lead that got pushed out of place? Did you clip any leads, the end of which might have gone someplace it shouldn't have?
Good Luck