VPI motor

I would like to get a new motor for a vpi 19,I can get one without the pulley.Has anyone replaced if so does the pulley on the old one come off?
Yes, I believe the Pulley is a press fit onto the Motor Shaft, and is retained by an Allen Set Screw. Just be careful removing, and replacing, as I believe the material is only Delrin. Mark
Some of the earlier pulleys just had a dab of superglue that held them in place. Here is a source for the motor:


It's a PB 3202-001
Don't know if you realized this, but the PM 3202-001 is not listed on that page link.
Sorry, it's a PB 3203-001. It up on the first list of (4) motors.
Thanks for the info,I called to order one,4 to 6 weeks to get one.