Does the VPI - MINI HR-X FOOT UPGRADE FOR SCOUT really make a big difference? I can't hear any vibration coming from my VPI Scout, so I am wondering if I really need that upgrade; or do you think I won't hear the difference until I hear it?
The improvement in sound quality is mimimal. Adding an additional belt to the table or placing wool felt under the motor gives a bigger improvement.
I don`t think you can hear any vibration in your Scout, you may be able to feel it. If you are concerned about vibration I urge you to buy a Stethoscope from one of the popular drug stores, should be under $20. You won`t believe all the vibration you will find. Until your motor is sitting on it`s own isolated plinth, you will have excessive vibration creeping into your table and arm, realy messing up the signal.
I agree, the feet upgrade, produces mimimal if any difference. I tried them and quickly returned them. Try Black Racing Dimonds. I have them under the motor and feet. Haven't tried the extra blet but will now do so.
The mini feet are a worthwhile purchase. The original equipment cones get wobbly when raised even a bit. It therefore is more difficult to level the table with the cones, and not jeopardize its stability. I could be wrong, butI think that may be true as well for the Black Diamonds.