VPI Magic Brick threads deleted

just stumbled across these titles in the ’related threads’ zone to the right of any thread content - there were a couple referring to Harry’s Brick - here is one...

... but they have both been deleted when I clicked the link....hmmmm....
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Definitely work. I use them on top of the transformers in my Manley monoblocs to good effect. Back in the day when I had time for this sort of thing, I compared their effect to that of 8lbs of stacked......yes, bricks (three/per as I recall). Yup, the Magic Bricks did sound better. A subtle, but noticeable tightening of the sound and reduction of HF grain.  Like magic!  😊
They are still being sold in the Uk by www.britishaudiostore.com (no affiliation)
I have been using them for 25+years and firmy believe that nary a power transformer should be without them: lowered noisefloor as well as overall clarity of the system. Deleting the threats is an act of vandalism.
They were $35, when they came out (80’s).    Of, course; I only paid $19.95, for my first Audio Technica Safety-Raiser, too.     I got a DB-9 pair, when I bought my Cary monoblocks.    Probably: world’s singular easiest A/B listening test.      Especially efficacious, if your amp’s output and power transformers are in close proximity (magnetic flux/eddy currents/etc).     https://elusivedisc.com/vpi-magic-brick/      Stereophile reprinted their 1982 review: https://www.stereophile.com/content/vpi-magic-brick
i dropped 1 of mine on the floor busted open.  inside of the wood case is 5 or 6
pieces of Steel Sandwiched fitted in.the case. now both mine have nice black tape around both of them 
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