VPI Magic Brick threads deleted

just stumbled across these titles in the ’related threads’ zone to the right of any thread content - there were a couple referring to Harry’s Brick - here is one...

... but they have both been deleted when I clicked the link....hmmmm....
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Probably: do to a high number of unscientific (faith-based/Naysayer Church doctrine) screeds and contention.                      You already know!

but then they would need to delete about 10,000 other threads on here about cables fuses springs etc etc LOL
You should ask them the reason for the deletion!
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Did it? No. Not at all. Therefore, removing it only makes my point about how despicable the whole thing really is.
The Magic Brick goes back to the 80’s. I have them Iin both my systems and they are quite effective.


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Start another one see if it goes away, I'll post.. get after it...

Regards, I mean who wouldn't want to know about a brick.. I do..

I have a pair here too, Called "The Harp", invented by me...YUP...

From what I think I know, the Magic Brick is a wooden box filled with some kind of metal, iron or something.  It makes a great weight for those lightweight components.
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Bring back the Bright Star Little Rock!!
I clicked on the second one and it came up just fine.
It looks like a simple deletion of a duplicate.

I thought the original was lead filled?
I own, and use 4 of them that I bought when they were first released for about $40.00 each. I thought at the time that I was told that it was grain-oriented iron inside. It is a single block of metal, that I am sure of.
OK you got me, they are a brick, of iron that somehow, creates a magic field of magic? I'm not getting it.. It does something, other than weigh a lot? Grain oriented, does it expand or contract the fields or something in a different way, run as shielding? It's 40.00 of postage? I don't get it..

What is it?

Don't start something and not finish it.. What is that thing? I GOTTA KNOW NOW!.. What is it.... :-)

I have had 3 of them in my system in various places for decades. When one of them goes missing it is usually because my wife needs to glue something. 

It is an 8lb,  5" by 3" block of steel laminations...
I didn't mean to be mysterious. I bought them because a dealer that I had a relationship with at the time in Princeton NJ recommended them; and while he was a bit quirky, he had a genuine talent for putting together really good sounding systems, so I bought them. He said that I should place them on, or in the closest proximity of transformers, and that it would have a beneficial sonic effect. I can't swear that it does, but I have always used them that way, and I also use one in the middle of my DAC which is not evenly balanced.

Unless you are being ironic (hard to tell these days), could you define exactly which of your freedoms has gone away recently.  What can you no longer do that you used to do? 

Please be very specific, so that we can understand what you mean.
I think he's talking about his right to ignore vote totals. Majority cannot rule if there is no majority.

My magic brick is a vinyl covered lead diving weight.
It's actually 5 x 4 x 2.5.
I was not only a dealer, (and sold lots of them), but still have and use close to 20 of them. IMHO, they work. Not sure why...they are magic you know.

I also have quite a few of the BrightStar Audio Little Rocks.  They work too...

Actually, my guy who won, got 80 million votes and I am happy, what about you?
i too still have a half dozen of these

i don’t think they improve the sound in any way other than mass loading some components and reducing resonances

but they are handy for that purpose

more useful than that shakti stone BS for sure
@jjss49,        I agree regarding the Shakti stone, that is pure Voodoo.
Ok other than weight, for some, the idea is to mess with the transformer field, or visa versa, not let other fields interfere, with the transformer?

What about switching power supply or Toroidal? Anyone know?

Need some magic glasses to see different fields, Like Jordy, on Generation, with his visor?

Yup, A field visor. Better than a field advisor.....

Thanks.. A dog gone brick... Go figure...

Definitely work. I use them on top of the transformers in my Manley monoblocs to good effect. Back in the day when I had time for this sort of thing, I compared their effect to that of 8lbs of stacked......yes, bricks (three/per as I recall). Yup, the Magic Bricks did sound better. A subtle, but noticeable tightening of the sound and reduction of HF grain.  Like magic!  😊
They are still being sold in the Uk by www.britishaudiostore.com (no affiliation)
I have been using them for 25+years and firmy believe that nary a power transformer should be without them: lowered noisefloor as well as overall clarity of the system. Deleting the threats is an act of vandalism.
They were $35, when they came out (80’s).    Of, course; I only paid $19.95, for my first Audio Technica Safety-Raiser, too.     I got a DB-9 pair, when I bought my Cary monoblocks.    Probably: world’s singular easiest A/B listening test.      Especially efficacious, if your amp’s output and power transformers are in close proximity (magnetic flux/eddy currents/etc).     https://elusivedisc.com/vpi-magic-brick/      Stereophile reprinted their 1982 review: https://www.stereophile.com/content/vpi-magic-brick
i dropped 1 of mine on the floor busted open.  inside of the wood case is 5 or 6
pieces of Steel Sandwiched fitted in.the case. now both mine have nice black tape around both of them 
Harry's reach is wide and deep.
On a non toroidal transformer this would likely increase the leakage inductance which is akin to putting another inductor in series with the transformer but likely not a very big one. For power supplies that could quiet them down but could add acoustic noise.  Toroids unlikely to do much. Output transformers it could hurt your high end.  If the product has a steel case less impact overall.