VPI JMW9 Sig toneram cables - what do you use?

I have a newly acquired SSM with the JMW9 Sig tone arm. I'm using a Lyra Skala cartridge which has great sound. My phono pre is built into my BATVK300x Integrated. I had a Synergistic Research Kaliedascope Phase one at 1.5 meters lying around. I have been using it as my tonearm cable. It sounds ??? good!! Most likley it's the rest of the set up! What are others using as tonearm cables? A suggection as to what I should use would also be appreciated. Thank you for your input.
I have a Superscoutmaster with 10.5i, and rim drive..I'm using balanced anti-cable. I really think its the best I've heard...I've tried many top line cables. If you have a location prone to rf, they will make you a double shielded interconnect for no extra charge. The regular cable sounds ever so slightly more open, but if you need the double shielded, its a great cable too.
Stringreen, Thank you for your suggestion. I read a lot of your posts. I too ordered the rim drive for the SSM. The big name cables are very expensive compared to the anti-cable. I don't have an RF problem so the better of the two would be my choice. Thank you once again ..........
Zenieth and Stringreen,
Credit goes to Harry Pearson of TAS for pushing VPI to use Nordost Valhalla for tonearm wire including other progressive changes of the Scoutmaster.

I found Valhalla wire a true revelation over the Discovery brand used by VPI including Cardas that I replaced it with prior to the Signature arm.
Its truly remarkable how much these other wires molested this tiny fragile signal of the cartridge compared to Valhalla.

May I suggest borrowing a burnt in pair of Nordost interconnects to go from the junction box to your phonostage.
Either the Frey, Tyr or more Valhalla.

There is certainly something to using this revealing wire this far up the signal chain....

personally I have had my VPI 12.7 arm wired in copper, not valhalla. Only because Valhalla is ruthless on your system if it has any weaknesses.
I do however use Valhalla cable between phono stage and TT and it sounds amazing.
I use Audioquest Skys between my SSM and phonostage.
I have tried Sky and Valhalla, and they are both excellent. I know this is an analogue discussion, but just briefly...I tried the super expensive Audioquest that's much more expensive than Sky, and was mighty disappointed. My wife thought the system was broken...
,,just another thought... Anti-cables are very thin, simply constructed cables - other phono interconnects are much thicker with a much more complicated winding. The Nordost tonearm cable used in the tonearm is extremely thin and uncomplicated (like anti-cable) - the regular Valhalla is much more complex as is Sky...although as I said before, they are both excellent. ..also note the price differences
I have an Aries 3 with 10.5i arm and Skala cartridge. I'm breaking in Synergistic Research's Tricon Analog Phono cable right now. Sounds nice, dead quiet backgroung, thin and flexible.

I'm using the Anti-cables too. They were more revealing than the VPI cables. It's probably a system dependent thing, but they work for me.
Cardas Neutral Reference
There is no cable on earth that degrades my system as much as any of the Cardas cables do. Truely awful in my setup...especially their power cables.
Cables are system dependent and many reveal the flaws in the system.
The whole premise here is to get this tiny fragile signal of the cartridge to your phonostage unmolested.

Your Valhalla wired tonearms are extremely revealing.
I understand why some audio reveiwers use it through out their systems.
However ,make no mistake about, its ruthless and totally unforgiving.

Nordost certainly is not the end all of wire designs. However a wire design like this used this far up the signal chain, there are enormous benefits to be had, thats for sure.

Do experiment from your juntion box to your phonostage.

The right interconnect will let you know immediately.