vpi jmw tonarm rust yes rust

I just love the fact that my new vpi scout's tonearm is starting to rust. I thought it was aluminum. Either way this is rediculous for a product with it's reputation. If I had a digital camera I'd post some pics.
VPI bashing again ... yawn. Why not contact VPI and work it out with them?
why don't you call VPI, they will make it right, they are an excellent company and totally stand behind their product, you should have done that first rather than blasting them here
Todd, please be sure to let us know how VPI resolves your issue -- I would expect that they will. It must feel awful to spend a lot of money on something and then be surprised with a problem that should not be possible. I can understand why you might post it to alert others about it. In the moment, that shock might overwhelm any objectivity -- this is an emotional hobby. To be fair to VPI, it would be valuable to also get their perspective and post it once you are over that initial surprise.
I have a JMW 9 tonearm. I've had it for about a year and a half and no rust. I'm sure they will replace it.

If you are located in a high humidity area you might want to wipe it down with a thin coating of WD40. Once you get a replacement, that is.
I totally agree that Toddwj should contact VPI of course, and I have no doubt Mike or someone will take care of him.

But I don't think it's cool to slam him for posting a fact, unless of course you think he's making it up. Those reactions sounded rather defensive to me.

Toddwj's post is a potentially valuable heads-up to other present and potential JMW owners. Isn't that what this forum is for? I've posted problems about several audio components - sometimes with a solution, sometimes looking for one, sometimes just as an FYI. I've never gotten slammed for it.

Why should VPI or any manufacturer be "protected" from a public discussion of a physical defect? If they handle the situation well I presume Toddwj will post a followup with a happy ending. If they don't...
I think the first course of action would be to contact the manufacter or your dealer. I have had two problems with their products and in both cases they replaced the item(a TNT fly wheel and a JMW 10 tone arm).If you don't get any help from them then I might try to find out if anybody else had similar problems. As far as slaming Toddwj I took his post as a slam of VPI.
I hope I didn't offend anyone here. My intentions where certainly not to "slam" VPI. I brought this up to see if anyone else possibly had a similar problem, and possibly to warn them.
The web site says the arm is stainless steel. Again I suggest calling VPI. They are very very helpful.
Just a note,there are many grades of stainless steel.The higher the grade# the better.Lower grade#s will rust,Surfice rust only.Higher grade#s do not .Just try [Theo]`s idea, the wd40 will more than likely remove it.It is only on the surfice.Is your equiptment located in a high humidity area?If your sound room is in a basement you may want to check the humidity level.You may be slowly getting rust inside your audio equiptment.You may have to install a dehumidifier.Just so I don`t get yelled at,I am not saying VPI is using cheap SS.The grade they are using I am sure they have a reason.Ask them.
no rust here, but the damping oil for the jmw arm attracted some (desparate) ants- quite a few of them. i got rid of the oil and rubbed a little black flag on my precious plinth!
i hope this doesn't screw up the sound too much...
i don't want to be the science teacher here, but metal corrodes in the repeated presence of liquids - perhaps used in the record-cleaning routine of certain persons...
I would be more concerned about the chemicals in the Black Flag you rubbed on the the plinth of your VPI.Have you read what`s in there.
The entire Tonearm is not aluminum, nor stainless-steel it is Bead Plasted for a Matte Finish, then Industrial Hard-Chromed. If it was touched with sweaty fingers & not wiped off during high humidity and the table covered it will rust in time. Industrial Hard Chroming is to be able to withstand 500-2000 hours of salt-air exposure in a ventilated enviorment. However in a non-ventilated it will pit/brown in a matter of 48-72 hours. Call VPI see if they had any other reports, as I'm sure they have them done by a sub contracted outside facility. It may have been a bad chroming batch they received, & VPI quality control will not spot it till it fails by the end user. I too am a VPI owner, however I have no issues with my arms finish. Do not use WD-40 as it attracts dust, & you don't want to take the chance of getting any type of lubicating fluid near your Cartridge. Good Luck!
Audiobugged, thanks for your in depth response. I waiting to hear back from VPI and will let everyone know what happens when I do.
In case anyone's interested. According to VPI the arm is composed of aluminum and stainless steel, therfore whatever it is, it isn't rust. They suggested aluminum cleaner, or I can send the arm back to them to have it refinished.
Todd, I just removed my dust cover & took a good look at the arm after my first cup of coffee. It may be aluminum, & stainless steel underneath. However this is not beadblasted aluminum, & stainless steel in it's raw form.

There is a matte Hard Chrome finish on this arm, & a matte Nickle finish on the Counter-weight.

Vpi keeps Evolving/Upgrading these tables, they probably can't recall what they did lask week? Who did you speak to Sheila, or Mike? Sheila Harry's wife is wonderful to deal with, however she normally yells to Mike, or Harry for the answers. Something may have been lost in the loop???

I would NOT use any type off aluminum cleaner as it is abrasive even in it's mildest state will mar the finish! Also why would you need a cleaner as there is no dirt/stain , your dealing with a surface corrosion issue.

If they refinish it it will add additional weight to the arm IMO. As couldn't see them spending all the time to get it all off? Secondly, sending in the arm would leave you without a source. There has to be some other way to exchange the arm, talk to your dealer.

There is one high performance penetrating lubricant which may be tough to find. However this will not spread/run until the 450 degree range. It will not attract dirt, dust, or lint.

It is called TSI 30I made by American Gas & Chemical Co., 220 Pegasus Ave., Northvale NJ 07647. I would search the web, to find a distributor for a 6oz spray can. I would spray it on a scrap cotton tee shirt section, & gently dab the area until it has a wet-look, then let it sit for 24+ hours. If this doesn't lift the rust, nothing else will! Good Luck!
Thanks Audiobugged. I'll try to track that down the TSI 301. The whole thing really confuses me because according to VPI it cannot and will not rust. I may just send it to them and have them look at it.
Todd it's TSI 30i
Toddwj, I sent back an out board flywheel because it started making noise. They replaced it no questions asked. I also had a problem with my JWM 10 arm and they repaced that as well no questions asked. In my experience they is no better audio company.
Good to hear! Just out of curiosity what was wrong with your arm. It wasn't rusting was it?
Todd, your going to make me want to coat my Scout in Cosmoline when not in use :0)~
No, no rust. I had one of the first JWM 10 arms they sold. When they offered an upgrade I put it on the arm but the sound became very hard. Needless to say I was not happy. I wished I had left well enough alone. I called VPI and talked with Mike. He had me send the arm to him and he checked it out and sent it back to me. It still didn't sound right. I called Mike again and he said they would ship me a new one. I sent back the old one again. They took the cart. off and mounted it on a new arm and sent it to me. All was then fine. I couldn't ask for anything better. As I've said in ealier posts you couldn't find a better company.
It's good to hear all of these positive stories from people who have had issues with their VPI products. I am most likley going to send the arm back to them to have them refinish it.
Black Flag..............no, no...............Jones Ant Killer sounds way better : )
According to VPI it wasn't rust, it was oxidation of the aluminum caused by something foreign on it.
And what did VPI do for you?
They refinished it at no cost.
Oxidation/rust? Well, I guess it depends on what your definition or "is", is! ;?)
Why would you have to apologize for a manufacturer's defect?

It's not your fault!

I guess they say iron rusts and aluminum oxidizes. It's all the same to me.
Toddwi, yes in a high humidity environment low grade# s.s.
will surfice rust, and aluminum will oxidize. Just like in a moderate to low humidity environment low grade# s.s. will not get surfice rust and aluminum, if it does oxidize might take many years.
We'll I've got my dehumidifier going, turned out it was about 75% in my listing room. I guess that's what did it.