vpi JMW arm lengths

Can the various VPI JMW tonearm wands be used on various bases. I know there are different lengths, such as 9". 10", 10.5" and 12, 12.5, 12.6 1nd 12.7 models. but can you substitute a 12" arm, for instance, on a 10" base? the VPI seems to use similar pivot structures, and you can buy the wands separately, so is it just a matter of putting a 12" wand on a 10" base, or are the actual pivots incompatible? Or, if its possible to do with only some bases or arms, is there a source of which are compatible?

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No. Even if you could merely plop any wand on a base, you'd royally screw up the P-S distance and overhang.
Brf is technically correct. But he also confirms what I wrote.

Even assuming you are willing to move the base, it would be helpful if VPI had a kit. For example, I switched out my Classic 1 tone base for the Classic 3 base. VPI sent me a kit with the tools, jigs and templates needed to correctly position the Classic 3 tone base on the regular Classic 1 plinth. Further, they also provided me with a special platform base to cover up the hole in the plinth from the Classic 1 tone arm base.

If this is something you really want to do, call Mike at VPI and ask him if there is a kit. Otherwise, you will be going DIY all the way and you're on your own.

Been there and done it. Call VPI.