VPI JMW-9 "signature" tonearm???

anybody know anthing about or listen to the vpi jmw-9 tonearm "signature"? is the only difference the valhalla wire? how is the sound of the arm changed?

I called VPI on this about 4-5 weeks ago and they said they were waiting on the cable from Nordost...guess it has arrived.

From what I know so far, the Valhalla wire is the only difference. I believe its a $300 upgrade, check VPI's website to be sure. I'm thinking about upgrading to a Scoutmaster and adding in this nice little extra when I do.

Check TAS about 1 or 2 issues back, HP does a mini write up on the Valhalla wire add.
Didn't the original have Discovery wire? I don't know how you can get much better than that.

The same signal goes through the cable from the table to the phono stage. I wonder if they will upgrade the VPI Tonearm cable, which IMHO is excellent.

Regardless, I won't knock it until I hear it myself.
Correction to my above post, looks like the signature version of the JMW 9 is a significant upgrade.

Straight from the VPI webpage...
New JMW-9 Signature tonearm – The Signature version of the JMW-9 features a stainless steel bearing assembly, fine tracking force adjustment on the counterweight stem, Nordost Valhalla wiring. It has 2.5 grams more effective mass for lighter cartridges of low compliance, a larger more solid design, variable pivot fluid damping, and mechanical anti-skate control.
The JMW-9 "Plus" is the standard 9 arm that is wired with Valhalla wire, it is $300. The JMW-9 "Signature" is the one that Dlwask is talking about, it is $1400 upgrade, or $700 with the trade in of your old JMW-9. Has anyone seen any pics of this arm ? Might be a worthwhile upgrade for $700

"Mechanical anti-skate control????"

I want to see this!!! Unless that means you "mechanically" twist the wires, as in the past.
Hold on to your hat's fellow 'goners I've taken the plunge to upgrade to the Scoutmaster and the JMW9 Signature arm. Table went back to VPI today so I've got about 4 weeks until the new and improved version is back in my system.
Update: The new Signature arm will be released August 15th so it sounds like my 'table will be sitting at VPI a while before actually getting the upgrades. According to Harry's post over at AA, the Signature is a very potent upgrade. I have no reason to doubt that statement!
Thank God Harry decieded to damp that arm. Just looking at it made me nervous!
I've had the new arm for about a month now. The Valhalla cable finally broke in which seemed to take forever. The sound was a little lean until about 50+ hours. Now that the cable is broken in I was finally able to make a few more adjustments and add the damping fluid...a month of tweaking is finally over and my LPs sound better than ever.

In my opinion, anyone running the stock JMW 9 should consider the Signature arm. A very effective upgrade sonically, the improved adjustments are the cherry on top.
Here is a link to a picture of the new VPI anti-skate mechanism:

Upgraded JMW-9 Tonearm

If you click on the top picture, the web site will bring up a larger, high resolution image of the new mechanism.