VPI JMW 10 lift

With my tonearm leveled properly, the arm lift doesn't really lift the arm high enough that the stylus reliably clears the record surface, creating some occasional awful noises, especially with somewhat warped discs. The manual doesn't address this; when I called VPI, they told me to send them the arm to adjust that. I'd really prefer not to have to break the rig down and ship the arm. Does anyone know how to adjust the lift to give more height? Thanks in advance.
There's a little Allen set screw right above where the arm lift lever is. Find an Allen wrench that fits it, then unscrew it a little, raise the arm lift and tighten it again. You'll have to play with the adjustment to get the arm lift height right, but that's all there is to it. Good luck, Dave
You can use double adhesive tape to attach a thin piece of plastic or wood to raise the arm higher.