VPI JMW 10.5i and Dynavector XX2 MK II

It seems that perhaps I should have asked these questions first but better late than never I guess. When I try to figure out things like compliance, tonearm mass, loading, etc. I just end up increasingly confused. So I'm on a quest for at least some other opinions.

a) What do you think about the match between this cartridge and tonearm?

b) I have a Sutherland Hubble which has several possible gain and load settings. What would you suggest for gain and load? For "Recommended Load Resistance" Dynavector says >30 ohms. There are a lot of stops along the way between >30 and 47,000.

c) Damping Fluid - Yes? No? Why?
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I used one with a JMW 9, and it worked fine.
This should be a good match, compliance fits tonearm mass. 100ohm loading seems to be a good match for Dynavectors. I use just a touch of damping fluid, start with just a touch, add more until you start hearing the slightest loss of life, dampening. You want just enough to tame any hardness, shrillness, don't go past this point. Some may not have to use any damping fluid, I use just a bit.
I have the XX-2 MkII loaded @ 40 Ohms. It is mounted to VPI Scoumaster/JMW 9 and seems to be a very good match.
I use the XX2 MKII with a SSM, JMW 9 sig. set at 100ohm. Very small amount of fluid.
I have heard several Dynavector/VPI-JMW combos and they work very well together.
All responses are useful and appreciated. Thanks