VPI JMW 10.5 mounting question

I would like to try a JMW 10.5 on my VPI TNT MkV table. My table is drilled for a Graham 1.5t tone arm. I can mount the JMW 10.5 arm in the same position as the Graham and rotate the arm that supports the pivot to achieve the 250mm pivot to spindle distance. I guess my question is, as long as I can achieve the correct spindle to pivot distance, is that all that matters? Second question, once I have the correct pivot to spindle distance, can I use any protractor to align the cartridge? I can find the VPI protractor; therefore, what protractor would you recommend?
Without question I would recommend the MINT. Actually, if you live in/near Scottsdale, Arizona, I could lend you mine. I would call Mike at VPI and tell him what you want to do...he might have a suggestion or two.
If the arm is mounted the correct distance from the spindle then any universal protractor should work. Dedicated ones like the Mint are suppose to do an even better job but are expensive. You can download ones from sites like Vinyl Engine free.