Wondering if the company offers any upgrades to their tonearms, specifically the JMW 10? Any of you sent them back for improvments?
Will contact VPI as well, but thought I might get a quick answer here, as they are busy building tables,etc.
You might try their forum site.
Upgrades? VPI? Seriously? VPI is all about upgrades.

You got the JMW 10, JMW 10.5, JMW 10.5i, JMW 10.5i Signature, JMW Classic Signature 10 inch, JMW Classic 3D 10 inch.

So what'll it be?
Last spring I sent VPI my original JMW 10 and with a nice discount they sent me a new Classic 3 arm with new arm board for my Aries 1. Definitely give them a call.
Trading it in seems like a nice option. I'd like to hear more about that. Runner, did they replace the whole thing or just the armwand?

As far as upgrades there are several: the drop counter-weight, adding outriggers to the upper bearing, a new lower bearing, and a rewiring.
I bought two upgrades from VPI which were easy to install on my JMW 10. They have an improved fulcrum point (bearing) and a dropped counterweight.

Some folks criticize VPI for continually developing upgrades for their products. I see this as an advantage when I can improve what I have without trading in or selling to buy the latest.
Exactly Pryso, my feeling as well. VPI is continually pushing the envelope to improve their products. They are music lovers and audiophiles at the core. If you choose to upgrade to a new arm or platter, you can do so without having to get rid of your current table. If you choose not to upgrade, they will support older products as needed. No one is holding a gun to your head to upgrade or get a new table, that is your decision. I really like the flexibility VPI offers on older table.

I have a Super Scoutmaster I upgraded to different platters (original acrylic to Super Platter to current Classic with oil pumping inverted bearing), then rim drive, then to the 3D arm. I have no interest or urge in upgrading the table itself.