VPI HW27 Typhoon Record Cleaner


Does anybody know how the platter comes off of this machine?


If it is like the 16.5, there is a small (approx 2" Dia.) circle around the spindle in the cork mat. And that can be lifted and this reveals 3 screws that attach it to the hub. Just be carefull lifting that so that you can re-use it. I used the tip of a utility knife and lift the edges, full circumfrance to make sure the edges are easier lift.
Yup, spot on advice. My units platter was delivered loose and after a couple minutes looking it over it was just a quick tightening of platter screws.
Thanks for the response, the hw 27 must be different it just has the cork matting all over
You sure it doesnt have a seperate cork section directly around spindle that is an inch or so in diameter? Double check it, the "seam" may be hard to spot at first glance.
Agreed, I didn't spot mine at first either, it is a very fine fit.
Oh me of little faith.
Had another look this morning and there it was, but very hard to spot. Used a craft knife as suggested and have now removed
All I`ve got to do now is take the pump off.
Many thanks for all your help, its made my christmas