VPI HW19-IV or Aires Black Knight

My record collection is very large. I have a HW19 Jr. with Audioquest PT6 arm that I have been happy with for the past 7 years, but now want to upgrade. I've read that the HW19-IV is a very good turntable, and I can upgrade to it and get the JMW 9 arm for a total of about $2000.00. On the other hand, I can get the Black Knight for $2,800 including the same arm and can sell my existing turntable and arm for 3 or 4 hundred dollars, meaning that it will only involve an additional outlay of about 4 ot 5 hundred dollars to buy the Black Knight. Which is the better route to go?
Go with the Black Knight because the plinth is important. The lead loaded platter also improves the sound image and clarity. I sold my HW19 MK III plinth and built me a cocobolo plinth with lead loaded. The sound improvement is great. You can use your current platter and bearing on your homemade plinth. I use Black Knight platter and bearing on my home made plinth.
Before jumping to the Aries Black Knight, take a serious look at the Scoutmaster with the Outer Ring Clamp upgrade. Retail on that combo is $2900. I've had the Scoutmaster for 2 weeks now and it is just glorious. The soundstage is absolutely huge, and the bass is the best I've heard. Harry has said that he thinks the Scoutmaster gets vocals just right.