vpi hw19-III paint job?

My new-for-me VPI hw19-III is a nice table, but sure looks dour. Flat black on oak, not exactly a great match for my light wood, Eames-inspired pad. I checked with a local auto paint shop, and the guy there said they could spray-paint it (gloss lacquer), no problem. I'm thinking about pearl white (both plinth and frame). Question is, what kind of an impact would such an aesthetic update of this table have on its resale value? I know, I know...I'm doing it for me, but how much stuff that you planned on keeping forever is now in someone else's hands? Cheers, Ben
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Hey - if the job is done professionally then nobaody will mind. I am sure that pearl white will look super sexy. You must post a picture when done...

It's alway a risk in changing a component from stock if resale is anticipated. That being said, make sure that the repaint is of absolute top quality and accept the fact that you will not recover the addiitional cost when you sell it.
Just dont expect ANYTHING for your extra effort infact expect a possible loss but aslong as it is a basic color and nothing very exotic you should expect someone to not only not mind that its appearance is unique but might actually want it more then basic looking model.
I was considering the exact same thing. I have an oak HW-19 (so 80's - eeeeew! :-P ) and was considering painting it gloss black, perhaps with black flakes in a clearcoat. The gloss black would probably be OK, but I'm sure the flake would kill resale.

The biggest thing to me is to make sure the wood grain is filled (with primer) and sanded completely smooth before painting, and make sure everything is disassembled before painting, becasue you really don't want overspray on any working parts. Take lots of digital photos as you disassemble, and put related hardware into little baggies with whatever part it attaches so you can put it all back together when your done.
Well, sounds like the sentiment is a bit more positive than I had anticipated...hooray! Good tip from Honest 1 about filling the wood grain and sanding first, that oak grain is a real downer. Unfortunately, it's too late for me to photograph before dissassembling! Thanks for your thoughts, Ben
People are different. My HW-19 is the satin black oak. It is not flat. I love oak, my whole room is filled with medium oak. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of getting the based stripped and refinish in a medium oak finish.