VPI HW-19 Spindle

Does anyone know how to change the spindle on the platter of a VPI HW-19 turntable?
Are you asking to remove it or a completly new one, other than the supplied factory spindle. To remove it if stuck a light tap with a hammer make sure to protect by wrapping it with a towel and hitting the top of the spindle not the bearing side, no metal to metal strikes.
Thanks Schipo. It is my plan to remove it and then replace it with a new spindle. I'll follow your instructions and let you know how it comes out.
Schipo. I just successfully completed the procedure per your instructions. Thanks again, for your advice.
You are very welcome. This is why I love this community so much.
Once you get a new spindle you will have to seat it properly again. VPI recommends using their 2-piece clamp for this - just screw it down tight and all should be OK, but maybe not.

After doing this ofiginally I saw a slight wobble on the platter bottom edge when it was spinning. VPI then said to remove the center spindle again, turn the platter 1/4 way round and reseat it again. After doing this twice everything was stable with no wobble. I guess the machining isn't always perfect but a little adjustment and all is well.