VPI HW-19 Motor

Hello All.
Does anyone here know if VPI still stocks the original HW-19 Motor, and if not, does perhaps somebody more knowledgeable know perhaps who the Manufactuer was, and the Part number of this Motor?

I'm seeking this info for a friend. Thank you, Mark
Not to sound like a jerk but a quick surf over to the VPI web site shows the motor & pulley still available for $110. I would suspect Music Direct, Elusive Disc or Acoustic Sounds would have it too. As for who makes the motor, did you look at it? My Aries motor has the maker on it, Hurst, and I believe they made the HW-19 motor too. This was too easy ....
Call VPI. They'll tell you everything you need to know.
Thank you all, and I'm sorry I didn't elaborate that the friend is a "web friend", so I don't have Motor in hand to inspect.

I've never had problems with my own HW-19 (yet) to yank, and inspect the Motor.

Yes, I did suggest to this person to give VPI a ring.
Good to know that at the least that VPI still does stock the Motor, and that all is not lost.

With a bit of "VPI Motor" searching (on A-Asylum), I did come up with Hurst as the Manufacturer, found an old post mentioning that the Motor was Part #PB3203-001, but in a search couldn't find this particular motor on hand on a further web search.
Here you go.

The 600RPM VPI motor is Hurst PB series 3203-001 with .82uf cap. The 300RPM motor is Hurst PA series 3201-001 with .68uf cap. The cost is $64. Stocking distributors include Grainger & Minarik Electric, or Electro Sales Co. can order on 12 week lead time.
My HW-19 Mk3 uses a Berger Lahr 600 U/MIN(umdrehung/minuten, or rpm) 110 volt motor, cap spec 0.6 microfarad, though cap supplied by VPI is 0.68, measuring 0.653. Part number is
RSM 6 VG, reversible synchronous motor, 6 pole pairs(12 pole).
BL is now part of Schneider, checked site, part obsolete,but RSM51/6 is a close equivalent.