VPI HW 19 3.5 w/REGA 300 vs. VPI Scout w/JMW 9 arm

I am considering one of the above tbales as an upgrade from a Music Hall 2.2.
The amp and pre-amp will be Conrad Johnson (still looking for phono - something like a Minimax).
Any insight would be greatly apprecited.
I have actually had a 19 -3 with a Rega and have a Scout now. However, as it was 15 years apart I can't give direct comparisons. The tables give , according to my memory, different types of sound. The 19 is a little dark but very relaxed, the Scout is much more upfront with increased detail. The 19 , being suspended, is more immune to vibrations; the Scout, when well isolated from vibrations, is capable of better information retrieval. I like the JMW arm better, but unipiviots are not everyone's cup of tea. The short answer is that both are very good tables, I could live with either. I was, and am , a VPI dealer and used the 19 and TNT in years past, now have a Scout , Scoutmaster and Aries with 12.7 arm. The last two are better than the Scout but do not make it sound bad, just add to its virtues. I don't think you could go wrong with either, both are good as is and can be improved as time and money permits.
Thanks for the insight. The prices are close and one comes with a Dynavector the other with Grado cart. I am thinking that a newer table would be a safer bet. Is there any issue with the 19 or the Scout I need to be aware?
I would go with the Scout as it is a current model. None that I know of. The unipivot is a little different to align than a standard arm but not really harder. Stan
I will play devil's advocate and suggest that you buy the HW-19. It is a terrific table that I assume will cost you considerably less that the Scout. It can be upgraded with a MK4 platter, or TNT MK5 platter. Switch out the spring suspension for sorbothane or other type of less compliant suspension, and I believe it will beat the Scout in most ways. Additionally, it is as arm-friendly as any table ever made. Should you want some other arm (including linear trackers)in the future, it would probably be a better platform for it.
The JMW arm is an excellent arm. Its virtues can best be accomplished with the use of a MINT protractor, and the best cartridge you can install in it. My suggestion is to get the Scout, do all the mods as your finances permit, and listen to your records without fear of "if only".
Actually the Scout will cost me about $200 more, has the full dust cover a new cart with les than 100 hours on it and one bonus goody which the HW 19 does not have. I will have to drive an extra 2 hours each way, but I think overall it will be well worth.
Thanks guys all your posts were and are very helpful.
Ended up with a Scout w/out a dustcover for less than the HW19. I was able to source a dust cover separately and still kept the cost below the HW19. I am liking the sound so far.
Did you get the new Scout with the aluminum platter? I have a HW19 and have been thinking about a Aries or a Scout in the future. I love the JMW arm.You can adjust the VTA while listening.How cool is that?