VPI HW 16 Replacement Parts

I've got an old VPI HW 16 pre-upgrade that I've broken the lid off of. For those of your familiar, this means the unit is no longer functional. This unit has a lid style which is significantly different from the 16.5 as the fiberglass isn't flat, it wraps around the back (like https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2573trge2UQ/maxresdefault.jpg).

I've seen a few references on a few dealer sites of an "old-style" vpi 16.5 lid replacement, but I've been unable to confirm if that is the appropriate part. I've contacted several dealers directly and gotten no response. VPI responded to my initial email but after 3 weeks haven't sent another reply. My topic on the vpi support forum has also gone without assistance. So please if anyone has any information I would really appreciate it.

I'd been planning on buying the HW-16 -> 16.5 upgrade kit for the tube but I need the lid as well. For the upgrade kit... in my initial email from VPI they also mentioned that I needed to check if my HW16 was "upgradeable" but I haven't seen any other references to that and they haven't responded again... does anyone know anything about this? 

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Hah! I believe that you will have to request side walls as well to fit the new lid. If the old one is still around get the replacement.
In my case (also VPI-16) I'd love to replace the walls as they're getting cracked from the age and usage.