VPI HW 16 Broken Dustcover. What to do?

Is there anywhere that sells these dustcovers? Or does anyone have an extra? The hw 16 has a precariously placed peice of plastic that is connected to the dust cover, and holds the tube in place. I just bought a used one of these and that part fell off almost immediately. In other words the 16.5 dustcover won't do the trick. I could try to fix this myself but would have to drill and extra hole in the dust cover. I've contacted the seller (ebay) that I got it from, but haven't heard back yet.
I think that VPI still sells a 16 to 16.5 upgrade kit? That's what I did with my original HW16. It works way better than the standard 16. Check with VPI...
Many who owned the 16 converted them to the 16.5.
VPI does I believe still supply this upgrade, with all the required parts. The only other less expensive options I can think of, if it is just the Lexan cover broken, is to find a local plastics shop that can make an identical copy for you. I assume all they are, is 1/4" thick Lexan sheet.

If it's hinges as well, or some other mechanical item, VPI may still have these parts, which shouldn'e be too sophisticated, and may be garden variety parts available from a Home Depot? I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help, as I'm not that familiar with the older VPI 16 RCM. Mark
Thanks guys. I can take a pic if necessary. What exactly does the upgrade do? Do you still have to screw the tube into the square part that is connected to the lid (the piece that broke on mine? If I can bypass this, I'll just purchase the upgrade

The 16.5 upgrade does indeed bypass the lid. The lid, after the upgrade is done, just becomes a "dust cover". It's a pretty simple upgrade kit to perform and VPI does still have them.


Scroll down towards the bottom for the kit.
Thank you. That seems to be the best way to go.