VPI HW 16,5 vs. Okki Nokki

I want a record cleaner, but witch one will be best?

VPI HW 16,5 or Okki Nokki, or will you recomend another?

If you only want to choose between these two, I can only recommend the 16.5 because that's what I use.
Are you sure you want to limit yourself to these two choices only? How much time and effort are you willing to put into lp cleaning? What is your budget?
For the ultimate in lp cleaning on a budget, steam is without question the choice, IMO. Again, that's what I use in the 1st step. Some people like the Spin Clean, but I don't like the dirty fluid getting on my hopefully clean lps. I use a pre-cleaner of AT enzimatic, then steam, then a 2nd step (AI) on my Record Dr., then a rinse on my 16.5. I never worry again. That's important.
My personal response is VPI. Reasons: 1)American Built and parts and service readily available. 2) VPI offers tremendous service. 3) machine is built like a tank, I have a friend that has one that is probably one of the oldest in existance and it works flawlessly, much better than he does:). 4) probably the most popular RCM out there amongst AudioGoner's, do some research here and see if you find many complaining about the 16.5. I have had mine now about 10 years and cannot complain about the machine or the job it does. The only other machine I ever owned was a Nitty Gritty and sold it after about 3 months as it made no sense to have to scrub the record on a seperate surface then turn the record by hand. The Okki Nokki I have looked at in a dealers showroom and yes it looks quite nice but I didn't feel that the vacuum offered any more suction than the VPI when I turned it on. I think for a dollar to dollar comparison the VPI does every thing the Okki does and offers a track record in addition to my reasons above.
But this is MY opinion and there may be Okki owners that disagree as well as Nitty Gritty owners. I can only speak from my experience and mean no offence to any other owners preference, hopefully they will provide some insight from their experience of owning both machines.
The VPI is a great machine. Proven and works with great support. I just replaced a spin clean and there is no doubt the Vpi works much better. Get one and don't look back.
Personally, I'm a Nitty-Gritty guy...real dirty records with smatterings of peanut butter and jelly, I steam clean
I've used both and ended up preferring the Okki Nokki.

The advantages over the VPI:

1. It's quieter
2. Spins in both directions
3. Platter runs indefinitely without getting hot.
4. Aluminum outer casing

The one thing the Okki Nokki lacks is a proven track record, I've not had any problems with mine (1.5 years use) but time will tell. Also, the price has gone up $100 since I bought mine so it's not quite the bargain it used to be.
I agree, VPI makes some great equipment. However, its current machines are old technology. Ultra sonic is the newer technology and does a much better job of cleaning. So while currently ultra is more expensive, it is the future. No special fluids needed. Rumor has it that Harry is working on his own version of ultra. Those efforts will be a challenge as the patents for the technology in place a very strong. So, if you want the best, beyond VPI and Keith Monks, go ultra. Any don't forget the steam.
Both are great WHEN you use earplugs...
Ive used the Okki Nokki as my first record cleaner. The motor froze during the first year and was quickly replaced by Audioquest. I don't think that this is a common problem with this unit. Replacement unit works fine!
I also have an Okki Nokki-really looked into both the machines and went with the Okki Nokki because I felt that it did a better job cleaning my vinyl than the VPI-both are very fine machines. BTW the Okki Nokki is much quieter than the VPI-this doesn't mean that it is quite though.