VPI HRX newbie help

i try to read manual instruction to set this up but very hard to understand some of their terminology something not right, please any HRX owner please walk me through step by step to set this up , i am very appriciated. and also my other question is antiskate device its will work with this model?

thanks in advance
Victor, call VPI. Harry or Mike will help you if your local dealer can't.
I got one of the first HRX into the UK in late '03 and thought they might have updated the manual by now, because mine was the same as for HR and some new features were not covered.
I still found it time consuming and I previously had a HR, so was familiar with the 12.6 arm set-up.
Getting the right arm weights to match the cartridge and not catch the suspension tower was a fault in early production, IIRC.
I do not have the antiskate which you can buy from Wally and find the std. twisted wire works fine.
Can you be more specific about the difficulties that you are having?
mine having problem with skating, if i adjust a weight for balancing an arm i will have to much weight on cartridge(koetsu onyx)
Bluetosman after you have your cartridge installed and the counter weight on the back of the arm semi tighten the alan screw on weight. Run in the fine adjustment screw till its even with the end of the arm. Now slowly adjust the weight back or forward till you get the VTA you want. Small movements are necessary. Then get the Anti Skate rod and with a device that has a slide on it (like a carpenters ruler) get the same measurement on both sides of the rod by turning the weight right or left to get the rod level. Recheck the VTA if its still where you want it then tighten the alan screw tight on the weight. Now you can fine tune VTA with the screw on the back of the arm. Hope this helps. Good luck and enjoy.
Stltrains, don't you mean to say VTF, rather than VTA? The VTA is adjusted by loosing the thumbscrews, then dialing in with the dial on the tower above the numerals.
Also the rod is for setting azimuth, not anti-skate. One thing to check is that the rod is indeed straight, the metal is soft and it can bend fairly easily. Mike @ VPI told me that a plastic coffee stirrer is a good substitute if needed.
Anti skate is adjusted by twisting the wire that attaches the lemo connector from the tonearm to the junction box. There's plenty in the archives on that topic.
I agree that if OP has trouble, the best thing to do is call VPI Tues-Thurs and ask for Mike. Cheers,
My bag yes i surly meant VTF and Azimuth. I must have been having a senior moment yesterday. Had VTA VTF and Skate Azimuth mentioned in the wrong context. My apologies. Tone arm set up can be a little difficult in a perfect world. I should have proof read my reply.
Sorry Bluetosman if my post above caused you any problems.