I m considering buying VPI HR-X which is highly rated by absolute sound reviewer. Read fr Salvatore of High-end audio that VPI HR-X prototype with solid aluminium plinth with solid platter fr TNT turntable is highly recommended but not the present HR-X with acrylic platter and composite plinth. Give me your comment. TQ
I've read the same thing, and been thinking about the upgrdade. I think Harry W. wants 11k for it. That would be around 6K more from my current SuperScout Master. The big question of course "Is the sonic difference worth the 6K??"
Wonder hopw much more (or less ) resonace you would get without composite plinth.Heavy platter should work fine but will it have new bearing arrnagement?And of course no outter ring clam if that's important.Those I have read say it works wella and is worth time to set up.This verus obviously good deal.Me I'd save more scratch and maybe by newer one used but that's a numbers issues for you.You probley would get straight talk fromhead tech Mike or Harrry himself about what you are egtting and what you are giving up.
anybody got any idea how much more it would cost if the HR-x comes with a solid platter and aluminium plinth ?
Justubes. can you describe the sound of the superscout master? When ur playing the 1st song in the LP is there any danger of cueing the stylus on the peripheral ring ? TQ

NO. The only danger is if your cart is a real low profile. eg. Dynavector Karat 17D2. I think the peripheral ring is a very big plus on this table. I don't imagine that there would be a big difference in my current set to an HRX. except for the cool looks of course I am using very good isolation bases (Sand box and Bright Star with air bladders) to me this is just as good or better than a suspended HRX. The key with this table or any table is good isolation and cart matching (high compliance cart) with the JMW9.
What would be a gd catridge for VPI HRX with 12.6 JMW tonearm?TQ
I have using a Clearaudio Goldfinger with beautiful results. Or you can opt for the Titanium which is also very very good.
Audioblazer Go to this link. go to the bottom where it says "Rosonance Evaluator"--I think it is a very good guideline for the correct cart/arm matching.

Having good luck w/ZYX Airy 3 w/silver base on my 12.6 arm on a TNT6-HR. A pretty nice match. Haven't had a chance to try other carts on it yet. Cheers,
Justubes. TQ for the link to the website www.catridgedb.com. it will be useful
Audioblazer, Your Welcome. Keep us posted on what you have decided on.