VPI HR-X, Super Scoutmaster and Acrylic Platters

I would like to know peoples opinion about the HR-X vs Super Scoutmaster turntables from VPI. I have seen several HR-X tables for sale on Audiogon, but few Super Scoutmasters (that I can remember). Absolute sound sort of said, the best I can remember, both of these are end all turntables. I heard an HR-X that had some issues through a BAT top system and was not too impressed. Both of these tables have acrylic platters. I remember when I had an all acrylic platter on an older well tempered, the sound wasnt so hot. They ended up adding lead to improve the bass. So far, I have not found a shop that has a Super Scoutmaster in my area to audition. I currently have a 1st version TNT with V series moter, SDS, V series bearing, original platter, original spring towers with the huge height adjustment knobs and a Graham 1.5T. The table sounds great, but of course, being an audiophile, wondering about upgrading the platter and suspension towers. I figure this is about a 2K upgrade with the ring clamp, platter and towers. Lots of bucks for an unkown combination. Was going to bite the bullet but I have seen what I think, is an unusual amount of HR-X tables on the used market (for its high price). I was also thinking about selling my VPI and getting the Super Scoutmaster based on the reviews but at $5k and no audition, I am not sure I am brave enough to take a loss if I dont like it. Also, used HR-x, even new, seem to be going for around $7k which is in a close ballpark. Anyone heard both and can give me an opinon? Or comment on all the HR-X (at least it seems like it) tables up on Audiogon compared to Super Scoutmaster?
Hello; I have had my Super Scoutmaster up and running for about six weeks. I am most impressed with it. It is superbly crafted and is absolutely quite!!
>absolutely quite!!<

Absolutely quite what?

quite nice?
quite excellent?
quite beautiful?

The world is wondering....

I think he intended to say "absolutely quiet"

Yeah, I knew that. Just poking fun at a "quite" common misspelling of the word. Almost as bad as substituting "base" for "bass". Or "then" for "than".

Oz, almost as bad as putting punctuation outside a closing quotation mark -- it's "bass." not "bass".

Almost, but not quiet (SIC) as bad........

I would consider the tonearms. The Super Scoutmaster comes with that wobbly arm I personally don't care for. If you have a Graham 1.5T you would be taking a downgrade arm-wise. Personally I would work on upgrading what you already have. I have never seen an HRX, but I wouldn't want it because you have no choice on what arm you want. I'll put my Graham 2.2 against the VPI any day. Twisting the tonearm wire for anti-skating? Please. Now the outer ring clamp I would definitly like to try. Don't get me wrong, I have a modified VPI HW19 Mk IV so I have nothing against VPI, I'm not sure I like the newer designs.

VPI does sell HR-X's with armboard though special ordered I think.
Mine is on the way and fitted for a Graham Phantom X
Alephman, You are not limited to the JMW-12.6 with the HR-X. I know of one person who uses a Graham on his. Also, any unipivot tonearm will wobble when you move it. It is the nature of the beast.
Don't do it! A friend of mine, who is also a well known Canadian equipment manufacturer, went from a TNT V to the HRX and he was less than impressed with the result. He said that the HRX provided great detail, which made jazz etc. sound good, but the sound was very light. Large scale classical works had little bass and impact. In my experience, this is a characteristic of all the light, acrylic designs.
I disagree. I had the TNT Hot Rod V, then went to the HR-X. It's in a different league. It has tremendous bass and a more extended high end. For it's price, hard to beat. The next level of turntable is SME 30, etc.
Update, I could not find a super scoutmaster hooked up but I did find a scoutmaster. Respectable high end electronics, speakers and cartridge I am familar with. I also listened to a nottingham table too. The nottingham was unexciting. My wife and I didnt like it. The scoutmaster was more exciting and lively, initially we liked it, but after 5 minutes, we had such a headache, we couldnt listen anymore. The sound was not bright, its just that some sort of listening fatigue set in quick. I checked the vta on the cartridge and loading on the preamp. Could have been other factors for the sound but we were so negatively affected, I was really turned off. As I stated, when I listened to the HRX at a dealer 2000 miles away, I also was not impressed as I stated. Came home listened to my older table and decided the new VPI's are not for me. My older VPI unit was SOOOOO much more musical. So I am sticking with my graham older VPI combo, and Linn, maybe will upgrade to phantom on same table or will try to audition other tables including the super if I ever find one at a dealers in the next 2 months. I think for small money, I would take a chance with something unheard. But $5000 and $10,000 spent unheard, I cant do it.
I dont always go by reviews, I use my own ears. Please dont flame me, the sound, setup, etc was not to my taste, at least not to make me part with my money. Thanks for the comments.
I thought you have to drill before you can fit a Graham arm on the HR-X. Wonder if VPI will pre-drill and fit custom arm plate for Graham.