VPI Help

Does anyone know much about VPI, If so please let me know, I need help Identifying which Turntable I have.

Thank you!
I may help, but certainly VPI would be your "go to" choice.
Can you post a pic?
does it have a platter, plinth, spindle, and tonearm? then it's definitely a vpi. but, seriously, pics...
Also you can just call them and from the serial number plate they can sell you and you can describe what the arm looks like so you can know if it has a regular arm or a "signature" one with better wiring.Many of them have plate that say's Aries,Aries II Aries scout.Just call VPI and you'll know what you have.
If it has a dustcover, a clear plastic tonearm with the vacuum auto antiskate and screw down clamp, you have a 16.5
A bit noisy and you'll need a really good phono stage, but it's a direct drive, so no need to replace belts.