VPI Flywheel with Aries Turntable - Help

I recently added the VPI flywheel to my Aries turntable setup (Aries w/ JMW-10, SDS, and Benz-Micro H2O). When using the flywheel, I notice a distinct increase in what sounds like record surface noise (ticks and pops). This occurs at regular intervals. I can only assume it is from the flywheel. I have tried all combinations of grounding the flywheel and tonearm to the AC outlet, my phono preamp grounding post, all to no avail. When I remove the flywheel from the system, things return to normal. Very Strange. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Not sure I'm going to be able to solve the problem, but as a TNT owner with flywheel thought I would at least try to help. Firstly, it is highly unlikely that this is a grounding problem as the flywheel is not electrically connected to anything. I can't help but wonder if the belts might be the problem as the addition of the flywheel increases the strain/torque on the belts; perhaps leading to some intermittant slippage? Did you get all new belts when you added the flywheel? One thing you might want to try is placing all the belts back in the talcum powder, then back on the turntable and see if this improves things.
Hope this helps, but if it doesn't, VPI is excellent about supporting their products. Don't hesitate to email or call them. Let us know how this turns out.
When I bought my Aries the dealer suggested that I not use the flywheel because it made the unit sound worse. Maybe this is what he meant. I have not had time to experiment on my own. It will be interesting to see if anyone else has any thoughts.
Definitely give VPI a call. Their customer support is excellent. In the interim, I would suggest that you check to make sure that the mounting surface is level. If it's off you will get noise transmitted from the belt/pulley interface. After doing that, allow things to break in. Leave your table on overnight to see if that helps things. If that doesn't help, then I'd guess that your flywheel might have gotten damaged in shipment.

Please post your resolution to the list. I have been considering the addition of a flywheel to my Aries.

I have an extended Aries with the bearing upgrade.Not sure if it's the extended nature or the bearing being top of the line or what but a tech who has always pointed me right in the past said that you shouldn't used the flywheel with MY table.I'd call and ask to speak with the head tech and ask what the deal is.If you just have to spend money with them (which is great beacuse they do back their stuff up and are a great company to deal with) get the SDS controller.That's my next move.
I agree with all comments above.....it is probably not an electrical but a set up prblem. Gve VPI a call....
Just a brief followup since the conversation has drifted to order of upgrades and/or which is the most cost effective. I bought my TNT used and it came with the flywheel. It does offer (on the TNT) some sonic benefits but it would have been last on my list to do, if at all. IMHO, the first upgrade and most cost effective for either the TNT or Aries would be the TNT mark 5 platter and bearing (should prob. get the stainless steel clamp too, if you haven't run out of money). Again, let us know how this turns out
Thanks all for your suggestions. They have been very helpful. As of now I have tried the following: grounding the flywheel to the AC outlet ground screw (no change); grounding the tonearm to my phono preamp (c-j premier 15) (no change); install new belts with talc (no change), ensure turntable rack is level (no change); removal of the flywheel (BIG CHANGE FOR THE BETTER). Based on my experience, and at least two of the suggestons submitted, the Aries seems to perform (to my ears) better without the flywheel installed. After first purchasing this table I added the stainless steel clamp (improvement). I then added the SDS. This resulted in a DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT in the sound. I mean an order of magnitude improvement. I was amazed at how much better this table sounds with the SDS installed. I would recommend the SDS without reservation. I can't say that I have gained anything by adding the flywheel. Thoughts???
I think it's time to call VPI. If you bought it from a dealer of from VPI directly, if they can't rectify the situation, they might take it back or allow an exchange/credit.
Maybe loan it to someone else & see if it works for them? Or last resort - just put it up for sale.
I have corresponded with VPI cutomer service. They have agreed to take the flywheel back (I will return it through my dealer). VPI customer service is GREAT. They take a real interest in their customers and their satisfaction with VPI products. After all this is said and done, I honestly feel that the Aries table sounds better without the flywheel installed.