VPI Dust Cover

Does anyone have any experience with the VPI "Budget" dust cover? I have a Scoutmaster with a Gingko plinth-top dust cover. My table sits on a wall mount (Target) about chest high, and I'm always worried when I put the cover back on that I'm going to hit the tonearm or cabling in back. The VPI cover looks a lot lighter and easier to slide on and off, but the section that goes over the tonearm also appears to be open in front and back, which makes me wonder just how much dust it can really keep off the tonearm and cartridge. Has anyone used one?
I used to have that cheap one on my scout before I upgraded to the gingko one. when I had the vpi version I decided i was better off just using an old lp to cover the platter. why? because as you surmise the budget dust cover did not keep dust off the tonearm/cartridge, and the fit to the platter was looser than an lp so it did not do as good a job keeping dust off the platter (most important place to keep dust free imo) as an old 3cent lp. and for what its worth an old lp on the platter is what I use on my new table. my $.02, others I'm sure have found that cover to be effective, but I'd say keep the gingko and be careful putting it on.
Sometimes I use my wife's designer scarf (squared) to cover the whole turntable when it's not in use. I slowly remove it (back to front) to avoid ripping off the cartridge.
As the first poster said, it doesn't really do a great job of keeping dust off. I do use one constantly, but it is more for protection against errant knocks than dust. I keep a fan shaped artist's badger hair "blender brush" by my turntable to brush dust off. It's got a long handle and is easy to use to sweep dust out of the nooks and crannies.
Although inexpensive, the VPI Scout "dust cover," if that is what you want to call it, is useless IMO. I suppose it may cover the platter and protect the tonearm/cartridge, but shouldn't it keep dust out too? The first time I saw it, I was scratching my head, asking who designed this, and why would anyone actually buy one? Probably only someone not wanting to spend $300.00 for the Ginko. I will be purchasing a Ginko for my Scout, but I wouldn't pay $5.00 for that brain fart of a design that VPI came up with.
Thanks to all for your comments, especially Wrtickle. Ultimately decided just to keep using the Gingko.
I got a custom made case for my SM from J Display Case.
VPI dust cover is crap. Hard to use, limited protection, and for what it is, it is not inexpensive. $129 turntables manage to come with adequate dust covers.