VPI Direct Drive Turntable

I received a copy of the new Music Direct catalog today and saw the new VPI Classic Direct Drive turntable listed at $30,000. It looks virtually indistinguishable from the Classic 3 with the new 3-D tonearm save for three speed buttons in place of the pulley and the rubber belt. The description on the MD website is rather scant, and certainly does not give enough information to explain what makes this turntable $25K more expensive than the belt drive Classic line. The VPI website makes no mention of the new flagship product at all.

Does anyone have any information on this new megabuck VPI table?
Free trade is indeed free trade. Nobody is evil just because they wish to make a profit.

For many folks that I have talked to the irritation over VPI stems from VPI's continued middle of the road (at best) quality and constant changes to their products, claiming each different, new direction they turn to be the right one.

Folks in audio don't like to think of their passion as one that companies directly try to milk for all the dollars they can. Yet, I think many don't mind a company making a fair profit. I believe the consumers wish to have some trust that the companies supplying gear share the passion that they, the consumers do, and wish the companies would only put forth product that was truly better, not just equivalent product with a different look or technology to get them to spend more money.

There are indeed some companies that handle that consumer trust admirably, and that share the passion of the consumer to go only in a direction that means truly better performance. Of course the companies have to make money, but they temper it by thinking of the consumer and trying to do the best for that consumer.

It is a delicate balance. Those that get angry at VPI seem to feel that VPI mainly has a drive for one thing: more money. More changes, not for better performance, but just to keep the money spinning.

I used to think the term "magnetic drive" is a marketing ploy to steer away from the bad rep direct drive garnered. But magnetic drive is indeed a better description, especially for people with negative ideas about the DD genre. Terms like belt-drive and idler-drive are more useful because they describe the interfaces that drive the platter. So if you must, think of the interface in a direct drive is magnetic force that makes the platter spin. So it is "magnetic drive." And this magnetic force is turning the platter 33rpm, which is only half hertz! In a belt drive or idler table, the motor, often times, running at 1800rpm, 30Hz, and is in the audible range, and necessitates motor isolation. DD or magnetic drive does not have that problem. Is it better than belt drive or idler drive? No, but it's a design option up to the engineer. It's really about execution. I believe there are many belt drive turntables cost more than $30k that don't cause such a stir.

I just want to wait for more information about the VPI Direct Drive so I can learn more about its design and implementation. I can't afford one but I sure like to learn more. That's all.

Dear Deadhead, it was you that brought politics to this forum and now you are going to diagnose my psyche after reading a few posts?
I am offering my experience and support to anyone interested in VPI Products. I have purchased several turntables from VPI and been very happy. I felt I got the best value for my dollar, for what I was looking for. I never had a problem getting top dollar reselling any VPI products.
I never meant to "bully' you or make you uncomfortable in any way, only to point out the obvious flaws in your argument.
I've owned many turntables over the years and VPI has always been my favorite. Maybe because I'm from Jersey I'm prejudice. Of course I started with the HW-19jr, moved up to the Scout which I loved then took the plunge to the Scoutmaster. I didn't feel the difference in sound was worth the difference in price and sold it for a TNTjr with a 12" arm and a Dynavector VPI cartridge. This is what I had been searching for. The bass was incredible and I was content. Rough times had forced me to sell the TNT and I've been searching for that sound every since. I'm back on my feet and just committed to purchase a Classic 1. The hype has peaked my interest and hope to find that bottom end I have been missing.
I realize my technical skills may be limited but my ears don't lie. I was a soundman for a gigging band back in the day and spent some time in the studio as well so I have an idea of what I'm listening for. I too apologize for my defensive tone. I'm sure you guys are stand up and deserve the mutual respect we all do.
I love records and still have some my original mono recordings from the sixties. I am inspired by vinyls resurrection but the recent advances in technology and the high costs have left me no option but to reexamine my priorities.
I support this hobby, and I also support anyone who tastes differ from mine.
Dreadhead, I'm curious. You say "I love records and still have some my original mono recordings from the sixties. I am inspired by vinyls resurrection but the recent advances in technology and the high costs have left me no option but to reexamine my priorities."

Is this directed mostly toward the price of the equipment, the records, or both?