VPI Direct Drive Turntable

I received a copy of the new Music Direct catalog today and saw the new VPI Classic Direct Drive turntable listed at $30,000. It looks virtually indistinguishable from the Classic 3 with the new 3-D tonearm save for three speed buttons in place of the pulley and the rubber belt. The description on the MD website is rather scant, and certainly does not give enough information to explain what makes this turntable $25K more expensive than the belt drive Classic line. The VPI website makes no mention of the new flagship product at all.

Does anyone have any information on this new megabuck VPI table?
Thanks Don. I hate the reality of my statements, it makes it hard to be in the hobby and business knowing so many are just milking and bilking consumers.
A successful American manufacturing co. coming out with expensive new products with the hopes of making profits for their efforts.
To this point they haven't forced this product on the public nor asked the government to subsidize their company.

I have come across many snakes and crooked dealers in this hobby but VPI has always treated me with respect and I have always felt I got a fair deal.
Maybe just different ways of skinning the same cat, and HW is willing to try them all to see what works best, or sells best or whatever. He's not in the business to lose money. He can do that sitting on the beach if so inclined. Why he seems to be the butt of disdain is beyond me.
It will be interesting to hear how this compares to other expensive DD tables: a reconditioned SP10 Mk3 and the Dobbin's "The Beat."
+1 to Zenblaster and Manitunic's comments. I have followed this thread scratching my head. So VPI is coming out with a new 30K turntable. Whats the big deal? As was astutely pointed out, VPI received no government subsidies (to eventually be paid by us) to bring this unit to market and save the great American turntable market. Nor have any wild claims been made by VPI that we MUST have this turntable, in an effort to pick our pockets.

If you don't want one, aren't interested or think its too expensive, just move on but don't bash Harry. He also brought us the Traveler, that IMO is a remarkable made in America value.

BTW, a quick look at the Audiogon turntable classifieds show at 4-5 other tables exceeding the cost of VPI's latest. This includes the 170K Clearaudio Statement. And its not even made in America. Should a thread be started bashing them?