VPI Cyclone cleaner

Has anyone tried the new Cyclone cleaning machine? I have the VPI 16.5 and would be interested in the Cyclone if it's quieter. Also, does the backward rotation allow for more thorough cleaning?
I think you mean the Typhoon...?

Nope, VPI introduced the Cyclone model last year. It is positioned between the 16.5 and HW17. The Typhoon is still VPI's top model.
Yes- I have heard it is quieter than the 16.5, and of course has dual rotation. As a bonus, it's apparently built a bit more substantially. I like my 16.5, but am also thinking of the Cyclone. Either that, or disposable Ear plugs.
Cheers -Don
I own a cyclone. Built like a tank and very effective. I read on analog planet that HW feels it works better than the typhoon.