VPI Customer Service

Recently ruined one of my self adhesive strips in my VPI stainless steel clamp. Called VPI on a tuesday and on friday received 5 strips in the mail. Its very refreshing to see a company still producing excellent customer service and the service was without charge. Want to extend my best to the crew at VPI for their excellent and expeditious work.
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I could tell a few stories about excellent VPI service myself.

Still, it's great to read a recent reports from a happy customer, unquestionably the best advertisement for any company.

I think VPI strong and excellent record of fair customer treatment has been a big key to their success.
I agree they do offer great service.
100% in the VPI camp. Nothing but fantastic support from Mike and his crew. They are quick to respond to questions, and offer honest and helpful advice when determining the product that best meets your needs. Will continue to support this company for a long time to come!
I second, (3rd, 4th, etc) the excellent service I get from VPI. I have found them very generous, knowledgeable, and willing to fix any problem that has revealed itself with my VPI turntable through the years.
You sort of lost me here,"self adhesive strips on a VPI Stainless Steel Clamp"? Please explain. Mark
They are about 4 inches long and 1/8 inch wide that run on the inside lip of the clamp. There are three of them on my clamp to keep it from rubbing into the platter and the vibrations down. Hope this helps.
I have gotten similar service from VPI, and from Sota and Oracle. That kind of service has made me a customer for life and I will always look to their products first before making a buying decision on a new turntable. I may stray sometimes, but I will always consider and recommend their products
Yes....mine needs replacement too. I cut Gorilla tape the appropriate size and replaced the pieces myself. Generally it works fine, but on a very few records, my tape is a bit too thick and I have to kind of coax the ring on.
I didn't know VPI had a stainless steel clamp. I thought they had the standard delrin clamp and a stainless steel center weight. Is this something new?
Actusreus I am talking about the ring clamp not the record clamp. I bought mine about a year ago although I don't know how long they have been making it. Maybe someone will chime in and let us know how long. You can go to elusive disc they have a VPI store and see the product.
I see. So you're talking about the periphery ring, correct? I guess I didn't realize it was a "clamp." I've always thought of it as simply periphery ring. That aside, yes, VPI customer service is outstanding.
I'm in the process of upgrading my VPI JMW-9 Signature tonearm to a VPI Classic 3 tonearm and it's been a little over 2 months that I'm waiting for the Classic 3 tonearm to arrive from VPI???
Agiaccio....I would be surprised if you hear a difference. kindly post the results.
I have had great experience with VPI customer service. The only thing I do not like is that they only take calls on certain days and certain time on those days. But I waited in line and they were great. I spoke to Mike several times and he is very helpful. I had problens with noise coming from the Classic turntable arm, they sent me a shielded TT cable at a reduced cost, that did not solve the issue, they Mike said send in the TT arm. I did, it came back a few weeks later, and no more noise and no other issues.
VPI customer service alone is worth the price of their products.
I'd like to add my kudos to VPI for their great customer service. I have an older Scoutmaster with the old style arm clamp. It kept me from being able to use the outer ring clamp due to the tonearm not clearing the tone arm clamp before contacting the ring. Emailed Mike, and he sent me an upgraded tone arm clamp no charge. If I decided to upgrade my table it'll be another VPI.

Has anyone heard if VPI is no longer including the periphery ring on the Classic 3? All references on their website say it's included as well as all recent reviews linked to on their website, but mine came today with no ring and no reference of a ring in the manual. I'm waiting til Monday to get the full story from VPI. I hope their customer service is as good as advertised.
First of all, congratulations on your Classic 3. It will provide you with much satisfaction and enjoyment for years to come.

Now, to the best of my knowledge, VPI does not sell direct so I'm a bit unclear what you mean by saying your Classic "came" today. VPI sells their products through a network of dealers so your question should be directed at the dealer you got your Classic from before we talk about VPI customer service.
I have a Classic 3, this is what I recall. Mine was packed with both the ring and the center weight.
Some suggestions:
1. There are 2 boxes, one for the platter, ring, weight, etc. and the other for the Turntable.
2. If I remember correctly the serial numbers on the boxes should match. Check that they match, maybe you got a Classic 1 platter box with a Classic 3 turntable box accidentally.
3. If they match, check the packing material, does it have all the indentations for the ring and weight? Maybe it was a packing error. Did you get the Classic 3 center weight? or the Classic 1 (black) screw down clamp? with rubber spindle washer?
There is no VPI dealer in my state so I bought it from the nearest VPI dealer in an adjoining state who set it up with a Lyra Kleos and shipped it to me. I have asked the dealer and he is checking. Not really a customer svc. matter as of yet, I just want to know if anyone was aware of a change re: VPI including the ring with the C3.
just checked boxes. serial number on big box, no serial on platter box. the clamp is the hrx clamp but it was packed in the big box with the misc items on top. there is no room in the packing of the small box where any other item could have fit. I upgraded from a c1 and this platter seems a lot more "chromed" than my old one, maybe they all are that way now....anyway, my dealer is asking Monday, I'm sure it's just that I got a C1 platter with a C3 table....
VPI has absolutely top notch customer service...as does Ayre and Vandersteen. I bought these brands because of their customer service and the performance of their products. I have been very happy with both of these criteria from these companies.
The platter bearing clearance on the Classic 3 is 0.0005". I also had the Classic 1, but I don't know the specifications for the bearing clearance on the Classic 1. I believe the Classic 3 has a tighter clearance and I had the impression the bearing and platter were a matched set, hence the serial number on the boxes. For example when you re-lube your classic 3, if you add too much lube, the clearances are so tight the platter will float on the lube, instead of the bearing, because the lube doesn't have room to squeeze out from the sides. You might want to ask that question to ensure you are getting the spec value clearance for the Classic 3. As far as the platter ring, there should definitely be a cutout in the packaging material for that ring if you received the Classic 3 packing material.
BTW, I am very happy with my decision to upgrade from the Classic 1 to the Classic 3.
mystery solved. dealer ordered c1 at same time and ups split the shipments and delivered the platter box for c1 with the table box for c3 and the other two arrived next day after mine was shipped out. he's sending me my ring
in the platter/ring box and i'm sending empty non ring box back empty.

according to an email from VPI today, the platters/tolerances etc are identical across the classic line, there is absolutely no difference from c1 to c3 and
they are not matched pairs.....
Great news, now you can begin to really enjoy the Classic 3.