VPI Cuing arm falling too fast

I noticed tonight my Primes cuing arm doesn’t drop slowly anymore.

Anybody know a fix or how to trouble shoot?
I don't know how to fix that particular problem. I do know that a new tonearm lifter for VPI turntables can be purchased from Music direct for $100.00.
On VPI’s website there are instructions to open the lifter, replace oil, and reinstall the repaired unit.....or you can just get a new one.
FYI the oil seems to be available at hobby stores - used in RC car suspensions.
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Slaw....because I'm busy. 
@slaw , you gotta stop giving people an open poke at ya. @stringreen , really, just how busy are you?
tooblue.....My thinking is the search and find is a valuable experience.  All the questions are answered there.
 I ended up running by a hobby store tonight and picking up 500,000 weight silicone and added it to the queuing arm, all as well!
@stringreen , your response to slaw had me cracking up.
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the oil seems to be available at hobby stores - used in RC car suspensions.

Exactly, for the precision it is silicone oil, it costs much less than that sold by tonearm manufacturers.

Having replaced it in several vintage arms that I own, I can suggest buying the 300,000 / 500,000 cst for a normal descent the 1,000,000 cst for a very very slow descent; beyond that numerical value nothing is found, only fat but not good for the lifter.

Is this: https://i.postimg.cc/g2J8KGYn/IMG-20190831-123401.jpg

My lifter bacame wonky, so I got a repelacment from a friend who works on VPI's.

Put the new one on, and put a record on. Instinctively, I cue the arm and drop the lever... THE STYLUS SLAMS DOWN ON THE RECORD! 

A close inspection reveals the replacement isn't hydraulic, but a cheap cam mechanism. Did VPI slip in some budget cuttting in some runs?  I have to carefully lower the lever slowly to prevent another crash.
I’ve had issues with my cueing devices as well. My issue was it wouldn’t raise high enough. VPI sent another one, supposedly new, and it had the same issue. Their "fix" is to send out 1/8" high dots to apply to the curved arm rest part. Not the best "fix" IMO.


Not busy enough to post a forum that supposedly has a fix but too busy to type 3 words...........also, Audiogon is my choice for "search and find" as you mentioned.
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For years the cueing device WAS the only component not made in the USA. About a year or so ago VPI changed from the foreign hydraulic lift to a mechanical cam lift made in the USA. You can tell the difference by the length of the cueing arm--long and thin (foreign hydraulic) short and thicker (mechanical USA). I've had both and prefer the mechanical lift--you control the rate of fall physically rather than relying upon the hydraulic system to slow the arm drop speed. The two types are interchangeable and easily swapped out--just ask VPI to send you a new one.
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 What’s interesting is the one I have, which is the silicon, isn’t hydraulic at all in any real sense, it seems like it operates from a stiction standpoint. The thickness of the silicon slows the fall of the piston. 
@slaw, you assume to much, still laughing even harder now. Thank you
If the cuing doesn't raise high enough....it can be adjusted with an Allen wrench to raise/lower the whole cueing assembly.....if that doesn't do it, you should lower the arm by lowering the arm pivot itself....easily done.  Let me know if you have question.
Thanks to all for this, particularly @dodgealum.  I had a Scout 1.1 with the damped, long and thin lever which I liked, then got a Scout Prime with the short, mechanical, be very careful lever. Wondered what was going on....I think I am used to the manual one now.

I would have hoped the best solution you posted would have been VPI’s solution at the time I was dealing with it.

I guess 1 more call to VPI is in order...again.

(None of this was ever funny to me.), although I do find it (odd) that suddenly @stringreen (now has time), not only to post a solution but in addition, to freely accept anyone’s emails for his/her help. I’ll just say that is very interesting.

One of @stringeen’s suggestions for a fix is "lowering the arm". Does anyone besides me see what’s wrong with that picture? If not, it messes up one’s previous painstaking cartridge set-up, at the least.........

Obviously, you’re an instigator at heart. Hopefully, this behaviour will change. We’d all love more positive thoughts/comment here. Hopefully you’ll grow up and become a more sincere/productive forum member.
@slaw, you must have been looking in the mirror when you made your last post, that's incredibly insightful to all that see. Hope you work it out, as I am really laughing now.
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@slaw, I see the spell check function is working, your greatest contribution.
Jeez guys. The problem was solved several posts ago. 
Jeez guys. The problem was solved several posts ago.

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Go to the Elusive Disc site and buy a new VPI cueing lift for $100.
Just contact Matt at VPI directly and he or his staff will provide the quality service you need.