VPI cork Mat

I just got my VIP cork map in the mail today. And I see it has an adhesive back.

Does anyone know what this would do to the glass platter on my Music Hall MMF5?

Thanks for the feedback/

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I can't say that it would affect the platter much, but I applied one to my acrylic Scout platter with nice results. Better on the records too probably once they are clamped down.
I was wondering about those who use mats on VPI platters also. What do you do with the little rubber gasket around the spindle - remove it and set it aside? Do you still use the clamp with the mat or set that aside also?

The VPI cork mat is for their Record Cleaning Machines not their turntables as far as I know.
well according to most of the sites that sell it they say you can use it on any platter as an upgrade but i am not sure how i feel about sticking something to my glass platter of my mmf5 not that its a supper dupper expensive TT just the point.

here is what the decription is online:

Replacement for record cleaning machines or turntables.

The self-stick VPI Cork Mat is made to replace the mat on a VPI 16.5 or 17F Cleaning Machine. It can also be used as a replacement mat on many turntable platters. The most common use is as an extra clean cork mat to put on your Record Cleaning Machine after you have cleaned one side of the LP so you do not put the clean side down on a dirty mat.