VPI Cleaning Machine

Can anyone tell me what comes with the VPI 16.5 record cleaning machine, fluids, etc. Do I need to buy anything else? Thanks
No its ready to go ! Fluid brush and directions. Pretty much plug and play.Just need to learn the right technique. That only takes a few tries.Does a great job,a touch noisy but other than that a great investment.You,ll be amaized who much better your vinyl will sound......
Check mail order houses like musicdirect, elusive disc and needle doctor for package deals.
I've had an HW17 for about fifteen years. IT does a great job. Your will come with a pint or so of the magic cleaning fluid, but Gallons of fluid can be home-brewed for pennies at a time. Either way, the fuid will last for many cleanings and the results are impressive.
You'll want to get extra fluid. If you're picky, you can read up on different fluids on Mikey Fremer's site

Purchasing my 16.5 was the single biggest upgrade ever for my stereo system! Enjoy yours.
Thanks everyone!