VPI cleaning fluid and fungus

Does anyone know what the VPI cleaning fluid is made out of? I have a bottle that has been sitting for a few months, unused. I looked at it today and in the bottom there is a 2"X1" fuzzy grey-green ball that looks suspiciously like a huge ball of mold. Now, that can't be good for my vinyl. Granted, all of the fluid should be vacuumed off, but this still concerns me. Is this just a bad batch of cleaning fluid? Should I switch brands?
Switch brands, jt 101. The Record Research Labs cleaner has never done anything like this to me in the years that I've used it, and it does a better job. Check with your local dealer or buy on-line at www.elusivedisc.com
I kept my unmixed bottle in the refrigerator and had not problems. Once mixed with distilled water, again I have not had any problems. You may have gotten a bad bottle--contact VPI or your dealer--they should replace the bottle.

At least in my experience, this appears to be a common problem with VPI. I've had it happen with a number of bottles which have sat around, and I do mix the concentrate with distilled water. I don't know if any other cleaner designed for cleaning machine use either has the same problem, or is better. Maybe putting it in the refrigerator would help, but whether or not the mold is harmful for records, I bet even diluted the VPI concentrate isn't very good for anyone who mistakes it for drinking water.
Never had any fungus. Sister and brother-in-law drank some despite multiple signs on bottle. Basically, it's like soap on the poison control list. They had no resulting side effects and reported the taste wasn't bad either. I use triple steam distilled water, available at the local Giant grocery for $.49 a gallon. Bottled in Lancaster, Pa. The local bottling plant told me the Giant Finast brand was triple distilled,i.e.pharmaceutical grade, if the label said bottled in Lanc.,Pa.
I am a dedicated vinyl fan, but your sister and brother in law have me beat by a mile. I would toast with cheap Champaign, bad beer and even city water, but the "VPI toast" is the sign of a pair of truly dedicated audiophiles.

Did they come clean with some great music suggestions that same evening?
No. Were unaware until I told them later, when I found out.