VPI cleaning fluid and fungus

Does anyone know what the VPI cleaning fluid is made out of? I have a bottle that has been sitting for a few months, unused. I looked at it today and in the bottom there is a 2"X1" fuzzy grey-green ball that looks suspiciously like a huge ball of mold. Now, that can't be good for my vinyl. Granted, all of the fluid should be vacuumed off, but this still concerns me. Is this just a bad batch of cleaning fluid? Should I switch brands?
Did you refrigerate the solution after opening it? I've been using the VPI solution for several months now without problems. The instructions with the concentrated refill state that, after mixing with a gallon of distilled water, it should be kept refrigerated.
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I think I'll put mine in the fridge. Also, I don't know if it would help, but you can add some amount of isopropyl alcohol to VPI fluid. Perhaps it would serve as a preservative. You might want to ask Harry Weisfeld.
I have used one other fluid, but I find that the VPI fluid seems to work best on my machine (a VPI 16).
If this happens, you probably have a dirty environment or you mixed it incorrectly. I believe that the VPI fluid is just a surfactant in water. If you try to make it stronger than reccomended, the surfactant could "fall out of solution" producing a cloudiness. Since I make my own solution, I'm not going to give away secrets for more powerful cleaners, but you can try a couple of drops of alcohol. If this doesn't work don't add more. Volatile (common) alcohols will only damage your records.
By the way if it's from a dirty environment then it's mold