VPI Classic

I recently purchased a VPI Classic and a Benz Micro Gullwing SLR. I am having a problem with the tonearm. When I play a record the tonearm wobbles back and forth. I had my dealer look at it, and they are not sure what is causing this problem. We looked at two other VPI's and they looked rock solid while playing compared to mine. I have tried calling VPI numerous times to see what they have to say regarding this issue, but have not been able to get through to them on the phone.

I have tried adjusting VTF from 1.9 to 2.1 with no change to the wobble. I have tried adjusting the Azimuth numerous time, and it still wobbles. Does anyone else have this issue? Is this normal? This is my first unipivot, so I am not sure if this is typical.
The aluminium VPI platter sounds fine on its own. The Boston graphite mat was an unambiguous improvement with my previous Scout table (acrylic platter) but the Classic's strengths are much more evident without the mat. The Classic perhaps shades to the cool and dry side of neutral, but I wouldn't call it hard or bright. Stringreen, I'd be curious to know how you would describe the sound of the aluminium platter with and without the VPI ring (if this is the combination you have).

Actusreus, I remove the washer whenever I use the ring.
Interesting! I tried the Boston mat with the Scout but I thought it didn't improve anything so I shelved it. I agree about the Classic's character, and I also think it sounds great on its own. I now use the copper ring with warped records, and don't use with it flat ones. Larry from TTWeights claims the copper mat will elevate the Classic's performance big time, and I might eventually try it, but for now the Classic sounds great as is.
Yes, I use the ring now only when the record needs it, and to be honest I'm happy enough to continue doing that. One of these days I'll learn to quit while I'm ahead. Having said that, today I tried removing the plastic anti-skate attachment from the tonearm (I'm in the anti-anti-skate camp) and thought it sounded noticeably better without it.
I recently had a very similar problem with an Aries 3 and Benz Ace cartridge. Damping fluid did not eliminate the wobble. However, the previous owner had installed a Soundsmith Counter Intuitive. This slips over the counterweight and makes it easy to make small adjustments to VTF and azimuth. In the process it does add some decentralized mass to the arm.

I tried removing this, and now the wobble is history. Apparently it added just enough mass in the wrong place to cause the instability with my particular arm/cartridge.
I find this rather strange. I too use the Soundsmith device and it works great. Saying it adds "decentralized mass" is like claiming a counterweight with a few extra grams of weight would destabilize the tonearm, which is very unlikely if not impossible. As long as the VTF and azimuth are set correctly, I just don't see how the Counter Intuitive could contribute to the wobble under any circumstances.