VPI Classic Vs Basis 1400 or 2001

Does the VPI Classic compete with these to Basis tables? I know they are at the lower end of the Basis line but I am just trying to get a feel for what Basis has to offer as I have never heard one. I have heard the Classic so I can get some kind of an idea.
Tzh21y...I auditioned the VPI Classic 1 and compared it to a mint traded-in Basis 2001 with Graham 2.2 tonearm at my dealer. We used the same cartridge to compare the two turntables (Benz Micro Glider SL) and ran it through a Nagra BPS phono. I liked both tables by the way but to my ears the Basis 2001 with the Graham 2.2 tonearm was at times superior to the Classic 1 on dynamics, resolution, and staging/imaging. All-in-all, I found the Basis/graham combo to be a bit more musically engaging as well. The Graham 2.2 tonearm I am sure has a lot to do with this as well, not just the Basis table. I ended up buying the Basis/Graham combo. The problem is there are so many variables in vinyl playback that YMMV. If you know you like the VPI Classic sound, which is excellent by the way, and you cannot audition and even better compare the Basis with the VPI Classic, then I would go with the VPI Classic. Hope this helps.
I have a Basis 2001 with a Graham 2.2 I got used and had a VPI Classic at the same time. It was my impression and that of everyone else who heard them that the Basis was the better table. As it should be; look at the difference in cost. The current Basis which is almost identical to the 2001 is above $6000 without arm. Look what Graham arms cost now; AJ told me that he likes the 2.2 better on his tables than the current Phantom arms. You are comparing apples to oranges. Since I sell VPIs I am in no way prejudiced against them, the Classic is a very good table for the money and easy to work with but there are better tables for more money, some other VPIs included.

I have owned both the VPI (Scout) with JMW 9" arm and currently a Basis 2001 with the Vector 3 tonearm and to be truthful there really isn't any comparison. The Basis is superior in every way: quietier motor, smoother arm, smoother arm drop, overall quiet operation and just an unbelievable degree of craftsmanship in overall built quality.

Good luck in your purchase.


AEW...not a fair comparison because I compared the VPI Classic to the VPI Scout with the JMW 9 arm and there was no comparison there either. The Classic outperformed the Scout by a big margin. The Scout sounded slow, dark and thick compared to the Classic. I agree that the 2001 for me still is the better table vs the Classic and as Stanwal states above, it should be given the price difference, but I wouldn't use your comparison of the Scout vs. the 2001 to be as informative to the OP's question given that the Classic is a much better table than the Scout.
Well, I also asked about the Basis 1400. Does this table compete with the Classic or does the Classic best it?

It sounds like the Classic, although not as good as the Basis 2001, is pretty close.
Its interesting what your reaction is to the poster's advice. I read the responses and got the impression that the Basis 2001 with Graham 2.2 arm is far superior to the Classis 1. You got the impression that they were pretty close. We read the same words, got a different impression.
Well, I also asked about the Basis 1400. Does this table compete with the Classic or does the Classic best it?

It sounds like the Classic, although not as good as the Basis 2001, is pretty close.

Tzh21y...I have not heard the Basis 1400 so cannot offer up a comparison for you. Will you have a chance to audition any of these tables in person?
I wish I had the chance to hear a Basis Table. The one thing that concerns me is people indicate that they do not have good bass/small soundstage. Even my scouts bass is decent, not extremely articulating, but I do not think my system is resolving enough for the lowest registers.