VPI Classic vs Avid Volvere SP


I've been pretty happy with my VPI for a year or two but my dealer has a demo model of the Avid deck with RB301 arm at a decent price and my curiosity has been aroused.

Has anyone heard both these decks?
How do they compare?

Thanks in advance.
Your 'dealer' should certainly let you try the Avid at home and compare the two. The Avid they have is a demo piece anyway.
If they are trying to sell it off just to get rid of it.. naturally they will not allow such a demo.

(PS that Rega 301 arm is not any 'upgrade' on your current TT.
The platter spinner may be a bit better, but with that arm you are not gonna see any improvement IMO.
Adding to what Elizabeth has said, the volvere is a different sounding TT compared to vpi. The volvere is a UK product and holds the traditional uk sound of great prat, more transparent, more 3d and more incisive. Do you want to go into that direction ?
I agree with Pani on the Volver, but the arm is just not that great compared to the table.
At least IMO.
(I own a Rega RB700 on my P-5)
So the table itself would be an upgrade, with the arm not being any upgrade.
If that makes sense.
I think it would be a mistake to buy THAT setup. later on a Volver with a better arm might come your way..?
keep the classic.
Yes, the arm does sound like a weak link, if a Volvere comes up with a decent SME arm for example, it would be more worthy of consideration.

Thanks for the help guys.
I cannot comment on the VPI, but I just moved to a Volvere from a Wilson-Benesch Circle and could not be more pleased. I am using the same arm/cart combo from the Circle (ACT 0.5 and Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood) so only the 'table has changed. The difference is remarkable--I really needed a suspended table in my room, which the Volvere delivers beautifully. The table is a lot quieter vis a vis surface noise and imaging is tighter. Classic lifting of the veil effect too.
At that price point, the Well Tempered Amadeus should be on your short list.

keep the Classic
I would not make the move. The Classic is one great turntable
Amadeus under $2K over on audiocircle.