VPI Classic upgrade what any had the SDS, it is a

good upgrade and it is big different.
You may want to rewrite this sentence. :-)

Me Tarzan, you Jane
I assume you are asking if the SDS is a big upgrade for the Classic. I have the SDS and have ordered a Classic, Wendell already has one. So when I get mine or take the SDS over to Wendell's we can give you an answer, just not right now.
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I would like to hear some impressions as well regarding SDS in VPI Classic. At least in reviews, HP did not seem to think that SDS added much whereas Hifi Plus thought it gave a nice improvement over stock Classic. Unfortunately I have 220V version so SDS will not work until I change to motor to 110V first (I was told that SDS will work with 220V wall electricity but motor has to be 110V version) so I cannot just simply borrow SDS from my local dealer to try out.
i am so sorry for my poor english, i did not understand my post too.
i do enjoyed very much my VPI Classic with Dyna 17D3, have it for 1 week now, have not listen to CD, Black oak, i like the new look vs the 45deg. edge of the first version, the one is more rounded at the edge, also VPI quality control over the motor drive are not standard, the first one that i got have noisy start up it was a walnut which my dealer supplied wrongly as i wanted black. so it came last Friday and i am happy because no noise at start up. everything is the same on sound, infact the speed stay very good on that day when set up by my dealer.on dot 33 1/3rpm.
my wife enjoy every mins her comment was why i did not get it earlier.
Wow i must said the bass on this TT is never heard on my system, my Sony XA-SCD 9000es are no match in everything.
the holographic and voice , instruments separation is wow.
i bought used LP too for $5 Jennifer Warnes and many others, it sounded as good as new 180 to 200g and 45rpm. except more hiss and pop, so i order VPI 16.5 cleaning machine, not here yet.
I do not own the VPI Classic, but I do own a VPI HW-19 MK3, which has served me well for a long time, and which a few people may consider a bit of a minor classic itself. I had previously tried it with the SDS, which I felt added a slight electronic edge or impression of artificiality to what I was hearing. In other words, things sounded more natural without the SDS, and I had no problems with the turntable's speed either. I also saved some $$. One final comment: I've never been able to understand why after buying a VPI table, one should have to shell out an additional, sizeable sum of money for the ostensible purpose of doing something for the platter's speed that shouldn't have posed a "problem" in the first place.
My Classic is spot on at 33 and 45. I do not have an SDS yet but plan to buy one when my budget allows. In addition to speed stability it allows for electronic speed change and cartridge hours of use tracking.

Opus - is the incoming voltage drop, sometime i read 110 volts and 116 volts etc. so having SDS will maintenance constant speed regardless of incoming voltage.
My dyna 17D3 at the end track will hit the VPI clamp and bounce right back, anyone have this problem? maybe i should change to smaller diameter clamp, anyone replace a new clamp which is good,recommendation please.thks Chris
I use the Dynavector 20X VPI and the standard one piece clamp.
The cartridge does not hit the clamp.

For what its worth, my Dyna XV-1s also has no problme hitting the clamp. There is usually a 3-4 mm gap between cartridge and the clamp.

I think now that SDS may or may not help your system will depend very much on your electricity. Recently I tried using my computer UPS with true-online whatever it is that keeps the voltage very stable at 230v. In my apartment, electricity tends to fluctuate between 220-226v from what I can see on my UPS. Anyhow, it made significant improvement in my system. The bass is deeper, tighter with much better pace and midrange is more fleshed out. How could one attribute all these sonic improvement by steadier voltage regulation on a motor spinnng a record, I have no idea and I don't know how much better SDS would be over true-online UPS power conditioner but I think if you have a UPS lying around and wonder if your VPI may or may not benefit from SDS, you could use this to see if it makes a difference first.
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I own a VPI Classic with a Dynavector XX2 MKII cartridge and also had a problem with the cartridge jumping back at the end of the record. It turned out I had the anti-skating set to high. Try adjusting the anti-skating.
I have the SDS on a VPI TNT jr. The voltage and hertz from line voltage (wall socket) fluctuates. The SDS produces a non-fluctuating signal of constant voltage. This allows the motor to spin at a constant speed. The sonic difference is music with constant pitch. This impacts the entire frequency range and is very noticeable with smoother high frequencies and truer sound. It was well worth the investment at the used price.

Also, one of the biggest upgrades was the addition of the outer ring to couple the LP to the platter. See the other threads on TTWeights periphery ring.
Hi Guys thanks for your comment and suggestion.
Since then i have ready involve lots of time listening to all type of music.
i have upgraded- From PS audio Phono to Aesthetix Io sgn.
Aesthetix Calypso pre
Dyna 17D3 to XX2MK2
VPI HRX's clamp and outer ring
Just order a SDS.(waiting for it to be ship)

The first upgrade was Calypso, music was up many level as compared using Anthem AVM30 which is meant for home theater, even my sony scd-xa9000es surprising was sounded very good and open. ,this gave me real enjoyment, then the Dyna XX2MK2 another bigger step.
Then came Aesthetix IO sgn. much much higher level of listening.
AS the Aesthetix Io sgn. is costly, i have to wait till i have more budget to get the Aesthetix Callisto sgn.