VPI Classic Setup By Brian Walsh

Hello Everyone, 

Just wanted to give a quick review of my experience with Brian's professional setup. In a nutshell highly recommended.  Thought I had my Classic setup pretty well as I spent at least 3 hours and I have to say it was fun.  My 1st setup by myself.  However, after thinking about how much is invested why not take it a step further and let a professional dial it in.  I have to admit I was amazed at the difference.  Once the tonearm hit the record an immediate improvement was heard.  The obvious difference was the overall balance and decay. Each instrument was noticeably more evident and overall clarity much improved.   I won't go into a lot of audio mumbo jumbo but bottom line Brian's tools and software are a no brainer. He provides each measurement such as azimuth, system resonance and crosstalk just to name a few via charts and graphs with his software. Afterwards the results are emailed.  In closure highly recommended and Brian will not leave until he is satisfied with the results.  

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I don't write the manuals. All one can do is ask manufacturers to do better and maybe send them some content to add to their documentation. You can't force them, but nobody's being forced to buy their products if they are poorly documented and they do nothing about it, which is my point. Complaining in a forum like this isn't constructive.
Nobody said you have to write the manuals.  Not complaining... just giving my opinion.
Proof that if you write something that can be taken completely out of context, it will be.
Well slaw you're correct, no matter who wrote them, there's nothing in the manual for the VPI Classic 2 addressing the loop. But thanks to you I am pleased to report there is now a perfect, aesthetically pleasing loop adorning mine. Not only that, it's the first tweak of the new year, and a free one at that. Thanks, 

Had Brian setup my VPI Prime Signature with Hana ML cartridge last night.  Improvement was vast and now my rig is dialed in.  IMHO his service is a no brainer unless you are an expert with all of the tools.  

Highly recommended....