VPI Classic quirk

My 10 year old VPI Classic has performed without a hitch.
Change a belt now and then, a drop of oil for the motor and a dab of grease for the bearing.
Oh, and there was a spike replacement.

Every now and then, I can turn the motor on, it rotates counter clockwise. Turn it off, then its fine.
Any owners experience this?

I don’t want to bother with the VPI forum.

I have thought about giving Zep 4 a spin.

Bad cap in the power supply 
Wow tablejockey that could be ugly if you dropped the needle with it reversed, the perfect storm scenario and all.
VPI will send you a replacement cap.
My classic is getting to about that age, and it thankfully has never had that quirk!
The problem is very specific.

This will seem odd to the hyper careful among us...

I've never bothered to turn off the motor when flipping sides. I just lift and flip, tighten clamp. Never seen or heard any damage to anything so that's my thing. I developed the habit owning a Rega years back. When doing this, I may occasionally bump the platter, and THEN the reverse spin will happen. 

I read somewhere a listener was in a room with VPI. Harry did the same thing, so I guess I'm not alone.