VPI Classic Platter - Polishing??

The VPI Classic platter is made from raw aluminum with no coating. Has anyone attempted to polish the platter to a high luster? A friend of mine has done this with his Linn platter and I have seen other polished aluminum platters on the web, but no VPI Classics.
If I were you, I'd call VPI. If there is a coating on it (mine doesn't LOOK like it's coated) you might be sorry in the end. I found that FLITZ is wondeful polishing cream for metals. ( I use it on my Porsche)
Stringreen, that was the first thing my friend did was to call VPI and confirm that the classic platter was raw. Former owner of a 997C4S.
I had an aluminum platter and used Wenol Metal Polish (Purchased through Amazon. You can also read the reviews). My mother has used this on metals for years. The results produced a high luster.

Agree with Stringreen, check with VPI is there is a coating on the aluminum. Otherwise, give the Wenol a try on the underside of the platter, first.
you can't cook anything on raw aluminium surfase. it's harmful

The Linn Lp12 platter is coated.
Just finished hand polishing my classic platter with wenol...WOW!

I can't believe how much tarnish was on the platter. The aluminum platter now has a mirror like finish. Highly recommended for classic platter owners.
BRF, I have used Wenol on brass, as well. The extra benefit is that the tarnish is very slow to return, even when handling the object. I have gone a year since polishing my brass center weight and it still looks good.
Just a follow up. The whole polishing process took less than 15 minutes and only required a gentle rubbing. Just make sure that you have a good supply of micro fiber cloths as quite a bit of black tarnish is removed.

Just like how a washed and waxed car drives better, my TT sounds better with a polished platter :-)
Spray it with a clear high gloss laquer or satin if you don't want it too glossy. Use light coats till you get the results you want.
The aluminum on the platter is not anodized, is it? The product info for Wenol states:

"Not recommended for painted and plated metals or anodized aluminum."
Just curious why you want to do that. Does the stock look, as it were, appear unpleasant?
Can you post a photo of the ceramic platter? Is just the top ceramic and the rest aluminum/stainless, or something else?
If you want to see the ceramic platter take a look at my systems page on the turntable link.

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