VPI Classic original vs newer tonearms

I recently got the original (square corner) version of the VPI Classic 1 turntable. I understand the newer rounded corner model has a few changes that they have made--a new platter, an aluminum heatsink for the motor, and a slightly longer (6 mm) tonearm. I am working on ordering the Mint LP tractor from Yip, and he is not clear on the model tonearm I have. The best I can tell is that I have the JMW Memorial 10.5i SE. Is this correct? Isn't the latest tonearm called the Classic SE Tonearm now? I would call VPI but they are closed til May 3. Thanks to you Classic owners who can help!
According to VPI's price sheet info on their website "THE JMW-10.5i TONEARM HAS BEEN RENAMED THE CLASSIC 3 TONEARM". The 10.5i is included on the Classic 2 and Classic 3 tables, I believe. The Classic 1 has it's own arm (called "The Classic Tonearm"). It lacks the VTA tower of the 10.5i. Whether or not the 10.5i and the Classic tonearm have the same specs is something I can't answer.
10.5i SE is the original tonearm that came with VPI Classic. (You can add VTA tower, change standard silver wire to Valhalla wire etc). Classic 3 tonearm, as far as I know is still the same lenght as 10.5i SE but according to Harry Pearson in his most recent article in Absolute Sound, there is additional internal damping and it comes standard with VTA tower and effective mass may be different. So I think that you can use the same protractor for both. When I added VTA tower to my old 10.5i SE arm, VPI told me to use the same protractor for overhang adjustment.
Thanks Suteet. Yip says f the spindle to tonearm pivot is 159mm it is the SE. I will measure to be sure but this makes sense.
Ooops. Meant 259 mm!
OK, it is definitely 259 mm, so the tonearm is indeed the JMW Memorial 10.5i SE arm. Mystery solved.
Suteetat, I own the Classic 1 w/ JMW 10.5i SE arm -- no VTA tower. You mentioned that a VTA tower can be installed, effectively converting the Classic 1 into a Classic 2, I believe. The only other difference may be that the Classic 2 uses silver coated copper wire. In any case, as regards the VTA tower, do you know how much it costs? Does the upgrade require that the TT go back to the factory or can it be done at home?? Thanks for the information.
Bifwynne, I can't remember the price exactly but since I live in Thailand, the price will be different. My guess is that it is around $800-900. You can also have the arm rewire with Valhalla wire (provided by VPI) which improves the sound quite a bit as well. To add VTA tower, VPI sent my dealer a new base and a template. They needed to drill a new hole on the plinth to accomodate the new base so it is not something that can be done at home easily. I think it will depend on your local dealer whether they have tools to drill a new hole for you according to VPI template or not. If not, most likely the turntable needs to go back to VPI, I suppose.
Although the tower is "nice" ...making VTA extremely easy to adjust, it doesn't contribute to the sound at all, and indeed, setting VTA via the knurled screw is pretty easy after all. The Valhalla wire is worthwhile...just send the arm and junction box back to VPI for the upgrade...easier than sending the turntable.
Stringreen: do you know what geometry approach the VPI adjustment jig is based on, i.e., Baerwald, Longren (sp?) B, Stevenson, etc? Thanks. BIF