VPI Classic Motor Lubrication

Anyone have experience oiling the motor for a Classic table? The instruction manual I feel is not very clear. What kind of oil specifically? And how is it applied...it seems a needle-point oiler might be needed to get into the small space below the wheel that drives the belt.

Thank you much in advance!
Avoid Whale oil it is not politically correct and I image must have some off odors.
Get some of VPI's magic lube...it comes in a hypodermic looking injector gizmo. If there is any old crud on the bearing when you remove the platter, get rid of it with a towel. Put just a bit of that magic lube on the tip of the bearing. Put some Mobil 1, or the same stuff that VPI includes for damping the arm on the shaft and reinsert the platter...don't force it. Put a drop of what you are using on the shaft by the brass piece on top of the motor. Wipe off any slop you may have deposited there,....careful you don't put any on the shaft or the belt where they meet.
Thank you. A bit confused by your reply. VPI recommends lithium grease for the platter bearing. I wouldn't use that for the motor. What to use on the motor shaft is what I would like to know.

Thanks for your reply though.
VPI is so easy to contact, and get answers from, direct from the horse's mouth so to speak. Email them, and I'd bet you get a reply lickety split from Mike within 24 hours.

I would garner an educated guess, regardless of 300rpm, or 600rpm, many of the Motors VPI has used, has been Hurst AC Synchronous, and I would think a Synthetic Motor Oil, such as Mobil 1 5-30W, 10-30W, 30W, or 40w would be fine.

Just use only one drop, that's all it takes. Repeat in about another 3-5 years. Mark
40 weight motor oil is specified in the manual. Your suggested application method should work. I plan on squirting a couple drops of oil in the tight gap after a year of operation.
Dordevic...Perhaps that Magic Lube I mentioned IS lithium grease...I don't know. I use Magic Lube on the bearing of my Superscoutmaster Rim Drive with great results. Use the lighter oil...the damping fluid, or the Mobil 1 on the shaft of the platter, and the drop into the motor.